Monday, April 19, 2010

I realized today that I hadn’t had a chance to post the second part of our Yo Gabba Gabba Live experience…so I thought now’s as good a time as any…right?

I posted the first part of the YGG Live show (the meet and greet) a couple of weeks ago and you can check that out here.  While the meet and greet was very cool, the show itself was amazing.  From the props and music to the characters and the surprises it was just an exciting, fun experience!  Little Man and Ki Ki loved it—I’m pretty sure it was the first time they both paid complete attention to anything ever!


100_5788As soon as Little Man saw the stage he knew what was about to go down and got SO excited!



DJ Lance and the YGG characters


Sillies Out Song

Let’s Get the Sillies Out is one of my kids’ favorite songs!



If the YGG Live show rolls into your city you have to check it out…it’s an experience your kiddos (and you) won’t soon forget!

I received tickets to the show in exchange for posting about YGG…opinions expressed are my own and in no way influenced by tickets received.


Can you relate? Well let me know about it!