Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This post is to all of my fellow review bloggers!
I have to be honest and admit  that when I first started this blog I had no idea what a review blogger was, heck I had no idea that there was such a thing; a year and a half later review blogger is a regular part of my vocabulary. 
Though most of my family and close friends have a pretty good idea of what a review blogger does (only because I have had to explain it to them three million times) I often forget that many people do not have a clue about the world of review blogging which makes for some pretty interesting conversations.  Though not intentionally, I find myself talking about product reviews, pulling winners for a giveaway, and contacting PR reps fairly often—it’s never a problem unless I’m talking to someone who has no idea what any of that means and  when that happens it usually goes something like this:
Friend:  What’s on your schedule for today?
Me:  Oh the usual; emailing winners, writing a couple of reviews, pitching companies, and getting back with PR reps.
Friend:  Huh?  (clearly I have just spoken in tongues)
Me:  Ummm for my blog? 
Friend:  What?  (I’m sure I must have mentioned it like 500 million times)
Me:  My blog…ya know Misadventures in Baby Raising?
Friend:  Oh yeah right…that cute little website of yours.  (At least she gets that it’s a website?)
Me:  Ummm something like that.
Does this ever happen to you?  Do you feel like you’re constantly speaking a different language when discussing your blog and blogging commitments with non-bloggers? 


  1. I've given up trying to explain my blog to some people. It just gets frustrating.

  2. I don't really talk to many non-bloggers. My father in law doesn't really get it, though. It helped him understand a little when he watched Julie and Julia. Before that he would say "I just don't understand why anyone would want to give you a free product" or "Why would someone want to visit your website?" or "Why would someone PAY you to write your website?"

  3. I have a number of people who just don't get it either -or even understand that blogging is my part-time job. They have no clue!!

  4. I don't usually talk to many non-bloggers either but when I do I get the same kinds of questions and people are just baffled that I consider it a PT job.

  5. I can definitely relate, for the longest time I was viewed as not having a job... but when I started making more money than the people who considered me unemployed they changed their mind on that lol.

    Especially when I am getting free stuff to review, keep, giveaway, etc :)

    They'll come around eventually haha

  6. Absolutely! I just had this conversation with 2 friends of mine last night who asked "what do you do on your blog, how does it work?" As I was explaining I could tell that I lost them, that glazed look over their eyes gave it away! LOL

  7. I usually avoid the topic offline. It usually comes up when someone is at my house and Fedex or UPS comes. One day they came one right after the other and one of the boxes was large... it was kind of hard to avoid the issue that

  8. No one else really gets it. My family and friends think it's a cute hobby. I don't really talk about it much with them.

  9. OH yes happens often! Usually they hear the part where you get free stuff but miss the whole "work" behind it or anything else! LOL

  10. I think I don't have a ton of friends...and the ones I do are all computer savvy LOL They all get it...some even ask if I'm doing certain stuff to put on my blog!

  11. I am not a review blogger, but I get looks if I tell someone I won something. Like I have two heads-OR... they ignore it. Just totally ignore what I said! Like we don't talk about these things! WTH?!

  12. LOL Yes all the time I feel like that. And when they want me to further explain I just sigh and attempt to change the subject LOL.

  13. Oh man it happened this weekend! While at Cole's party I was telling a few moms that the cape Cole was wearing was from a review I did. It was like I grew a third eye. One mom asked me later what is this a blog you keep talking about ... haha :). Now I don't do as much reviewing as before, but it sure is fun. Wish I had more time, but this working 45+ hours a week is taking a tole on my free time ;(


Can you relate? Well let me know about it!