Monday, March 15, 2010

proactiv Everyone wants clear, beautiful skin; whether you’re a teenager who is just starting to experience problems with acne or an adult who has suffered with acne for years, wanting beautiful skin is something we all have in common. While my skin is not awful, it’s not without problems. As a teenager I had the occasional pimple, but for the most part my skin was clear, as an adult though I’ve had issues with my skin for some time.

Several months ago I did a review for Proactiv, and while I really liked to products I felt that the formula was a bit too strong for my skin. I’m sure some of you have seen the commercials with Katy Perry talking about the new and improved Proactiv, well about a month ago I asked to review the new Proactiv and I would like to share my my thoughts on the products with all of you.

First thing’s first, I want to tell you a little more about the new Proactiv. Proactiv’s new and improved line of products features the same effective formula as before, only now the formula is enhanced with micro-crystal benzoyl peroxide acne medicine that is designed to get acne medication into your pores faster than before, penetrating even clogged pores quickly. That means that not only is the new Proactiv the same effective formula we all know and trust, it’s also better and gentler than before.

As I said before I've used Proactiv in the past and really only had good things to say about it. My experience with Proactiv in the past was that it works, plain and simple. I was very excited to try the new gentler Proactiv so as soon as I received my review items I went straight to work trying them out. The first few days all went well and I was very happy with the product, while my skin didn’t miraculously look fabulous overnight I could definitely tell a difference in the appearance and feel of my skin. As I continued to use the products I noticed that my skin was becoming very sensitive especially in places where I used the refining mask. Then my skin became overly dry to the point where big patches of dry, red skin would appear randomly over my face. I chalked this up to my skin being too sensitive to use the products as directed so I went from using the skin care system twice a day to using the products once a day at night. While cutting back on the amount of product I was using did help with the dryness the redness and sensitivity did not subside. My face looked wind burnt and was super sensitive so after 2 weeks of using the products I stopped using them. I do have to say that while my face didn’t look or feel great, it was clear. The Proactiv products did most definitely do the job of getting and keeping my skin clear, the formula was just too strong for my skin.

I do still use the Proactiv products as they are quite effective at clearing up acne, I just use the products sporadically so that I do not experience the same results as I did before with redness and sensitivity.

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  1. All I know is that the old pro active worked for me.
    This is something I would definatley try. It beats putting your kid on acutane..which is what we had to do.great review allison.

  2. hey! I left you something on my blog

    hope you will check it out

  3. Oh my gosh what is I turn 30 and get acne? This is nuts!


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