Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say NO! 

Now I don’t know about your men, but my man never listens to me.  I suppose it’s a “guy thing” because my two year old seems to make it his sole mission in life to ignore me as well these days.  Getting back to my original point; my fiancĂ© just does not listen to a word I say…case in point our conversation last night…the conversation went something like this:

image Me:  (doing the dishes, helping with homework, and instructing one child on the correct tooth brushing technique--simultaneously) Hey babe…can you change Kinley’s diaper…I think she may have a dirty one.

Jamie:  (playing PS3, not looking up from the game to acknowledge I’ve even spoken to him, and ignoring me--simultaneously) Grumbles something I can’t quiet make out but sounds kinda like “In a minute”.

Me:  (5 minutes later—still helping with homework, doing laundry, and contemplating the quickest way to give all of the kids a bath before I need to start my homework) Babe, Kin’s diaper…did you change it.

Jamie:  (still ignoring me and playing PS3) Hmmm Imagetitinaminute. (Translation:  I’ll get around to it eventually, probably after you’ve already changed the diaper yourself.)

Me:  Never mind, I’ll do it myself.

Jamie:   (Finally looking up)  Thanks babe…you weren’t busy were you?

Oh not too much, maybe I imagined doing all of those things that you just SAW me do, maybe it was just my mind playing tricks on me.  Hmmm nope my hands are all pruny from dish water, one daughter now knows the correct technique for brushing her teeth, the washer and dryer are running full steam ahead (full of your dirty clothes no less), one daughter now knows what orbit, axis, and tilt mean, and your son is in the bathtub…I am pretty flippin sure I was actually doing something…and maybe, just maybe if you had actually LISTENED to me you would have known that. 


  1. haha Such is life! I have 4 sons who ignore me, but strangely enough, so do the girls. It's a mom thing. Mom's don't need help, really. They don't mind doing all your crap while you play. That is why they grew your spawn for nine months and pushed them out of a hole way too small for a human to come out of, so they could do everything for you AND your spawn.

    I've got issues.

  2. Men are idiots most of the time. If you get 'em young, you can train them a bit, but if you get them after, say, age 21, you're screwed. LOL

  3. Just FYI, most men listen intently to anything that's topless. For future reference.

  4. I didn't have to even go past the title ... Nope! LOL I love Rick but somedays I'm not so sure about him .. haha

  5. I always ask my husband this after I say something to him, "What did I just say." That way I know if he was listening or blocking me out. You'd be surprised at how many times he hears just part of what I say and then blocks the rest out. I have to say "NO, that's not all I said, this is what I said along with that." Then I tell him and ask him to tell me again what I said. That usually does it, because he knows if he hasn't listened the second time, I won't be doing him any favors the rest of the day, I mean he'll have to wash his own work jacket, or get his own iced tea, etc...
    I'd just make sure if you can't hear or understand what he says back to keep making him say it until you do.

  6. LOL..
    typical men..
    mine's the same if he's watching sports or doing his union stuff

  7. I think men go to a special training school before they get married and they take intensive courses on How To Successfully Ignore Your Wife So That You Can Continue Living The Irresponsible Life. My husband apparently got an A++ in it as well as yours.


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