Thursday, January 7, 2010

As I’ve admitted before, organization is something that eludes me, it’s not that I don’t try to get organized, it’s that I can never seem to stay that way. One of my blog resolutions for this year is to be more organized and I’m sure that task will be one filled with many bumps along the way. As my blog continues to grow so to do the information, resources, and contacts that I deal with on a daily basis making it more and more difficult with each passing day to be unorganized.

If organization is on your To Do list this year then I have the perfect thing for you … If you’re looking for free project management software then daptiv has what you need. Portfolio management, ppm software, and project and portfolio management are just a few of the many ways their software can help you get organized and stay organized.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever be completely organized in all aspects of my life (or my blog) but at least now I know there are resources available to help me make my organizational goals a reality. And if on the off chance I manage to keep up with this organizational project you all will be the first to know.

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  1. You blog looks wonderful. Sorry I have not been by to say hi..

  2. OMG I can totally relate. I have such a hard time staying organized, but I find that if I can figure out a place for something it usually finds it way back there and throwing things away or giving them to Goodwill every few months really helps. For moms with new babies, I'd say just give yourself a break. It's tough to organize and raise a little baby at the same time so breathe deep and just cuddle with your little one when you feel overwhelmed or get some answers to your important questions at this wonderful free ebook I found at It really helped me through my pregnancy and first baby months.


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