Wednesday, November 25, 2009


A few months ago when FedEx showed up at my door with a rather large package I did what I do with every other item they deliver, I sat it in my Products To Review corner, and forgot about it. A week later when I finally decided to open the box I never would have guessed that those shiny new boxes filled with battery-operated hamsters, hamster balls, slides, and cars would months later be causing a frenzy! I remember when Tickle Me Elmo was THE toy for the holiday season…I remember having to damn near take down another mom to nab one for my daughter; umm I’m pretty sure that these darn hamsters are even more in demand than Elmo was, and that is scary!

I opened the boxes, had I realized that these would be selling for HUNDREDS of dollars this holiday season on Ebay I would have kept a few aside for a rainy day, don’t even act like you wouldn’t have done the same thing. I let my kids review them (thanks to Mom Central) and they thought I was just the coolest mom on earth because I got produced the Zhu Zhu Pets, hey what they don’t know won’t hurt them. You can read my review here by the way.

Fast forward a couple of months and there isn’t a child in the land who doesn’t have Zhu Zhu Pets near the top of their Christmas list. Of course there aren’t many stores in the land that have the goods either. You can find them online; if you’re willing to sell a couple body parts and several pints of blood then they should only run you a couple hundred dollars…lol. Seriously though there are places online where you can find Zhu Zhu Pets and their accessories and I’m here to help you find them! Below is a list of various places I’ve found both the hamsters and their habitats reasonably priced! All items are available online so no standing in line for hours waiting for a hamster! Good Luck in your search and don’t forget to leave me a comment…I love those!

Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters

All IN STOCK and available from around $40.00 (a great price considering they are SOLD OUT everywhere!

Zhu Zhu Pet Habitats

There are also a few giveaways floating around the Blogosphere for Zhu Zhu Pets and I’ve scoured the internet to find them for you!

Zhu Zhu Pet Giveaways around the Blogosphere!

Happy Hamster Hunting!


  1. Thanks for the great summary of options for getting Zhu Zhu Pets this season! I was planning to get in line at Toys 'R Us for Black Friday, but I'll be trying some of the online giveaways first.

  2. I bought several at the retail price of like 10 bucks using The website sounds an alarm everytime they get a new shipment. I'm just letting it run and everytime the alarm goes off I buy a few more to sell!

  3. Thanks for the info, my daughter is one of the kids who NEEDS to have one for Xmas, lol!
    I am kicking myself because a few months ago, I saw a few accesories at Walmart and Target, and decided NOT to pick them up! I have been checking the stores out every few days with no luck, and am beginning to think that I'd be better off buying them each a real hamster!

  4. When Toysrus opens at 6am on black friday, people will be lining up at 5:00am or much earlier to get a zhuzhupet, for me is not worth it, however i will get it from at retail price.

    i am using a tool recommended by a friend, to track stock so when the zhu zhu pet becomes available again in-stock at Retail price i will be the first one to know about it and grab mine.

    i hope to get mine for my kids, resell prices are too high

  5. I’ve been hearing about Zhu Zhu pets for a few days now. It doesn't seem all that special, except that it was "chosen" to be that one must-have Christmas toy

  6. Samantha you are 100% that is the only reason they are special, my kids do love them but its like with anything else the excitement always dies down in a few weeks and they move on to the next "it" toy!


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