Friday, November 20, 2009

I want to apologize again for the lack of posts this week, I promise to be back to normal on Monday with reviews and giveaways galore.

I have decided to do something new for my blog readers that I think all of you will really like.  From now on every Friday will be Freebie Friday, I am in the process of making a button for everyone to display on their blogs.  Here’s the basic run-down of how Freebie Friday will go:

  • Every Friday I will post all of the great freebies I found for that week and share with all of you.
  • I also plan to use either McLinky or Mr. Linky so that anyone else who does Freebie Friday, or freebies in general, can link to their freebie posts or blog as well.
  • If you have a freebie to share that isn’t on your blog then you can also send me an email (you can click on the Contact Me link in my About Me section…please use Freebie in the subject line) and I’ll list your Freebie on my Friday posts (with a link to your blog or website).

And without further ado here are some great Freebies I’ve found this week!

I know that is not a ton of freebies but there are several.  I signed up for all of them as well so I know the links work!   promise more next week!  Make sure to add your Freebie Links below!


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