Monday, November 23, 2009


If you’re like me you cannot resist a deal, and in this economy you almost have to justify every big purchase you make so finding great deals becomes even more important. 

I have never been big on the whole Black Friday thing for a couple of reasons, (1) I LOVE to sleep and to me getting a Barbie for $3 or a pair of shoes for $10 is not worth the extra hours of sleep I would lose and (2) The times I have drug myself out of  bed at 3 am to go deal hunting on BF it seems like all of the best deals are not available.

Yesterday I read an interesting article today basically talking about how companies advertise all of these BIG TICKET items in their BF ads only to disappoint you when you rush to that particular store and there are none of those items to be found…in my book that’s not right.  I do completely understand companies wanting to entice you to come to their store on BF as opposed to their competitors that’s just good marketing, but when that marketing comes at the expense of your customers it is not ok!  How could you justify advertising a LCD TV or a very attractively priced washer/dryer combo and then in tiny tiny print say…Limited quantities, only 5 per store, no rain checks?  Um hello why advertise those items at all?  I think it just pisses people off, I know it does me and that is why I will never drag my ass outta bed at 3 am on BF ever again, unless of course those big name companies want to do the right thing and STOP advertising items for great prices that most of us will likely never be able to purchase on BF! 

The moral of this post?  If you insist on doing Black Friday read the fine print…it may save you from major disappointment! 

And if after reading the Fine Print you insist on still going we’ll here’s a great place to check out a TON of Black Friday Deals!


  1. I say save yourself and shop online--we have lots of great deals here, anyway!

  2. I avoid Black Friday like the plague. My husband has to work EVERY Thanksgiving, the day after and the whole week-end because of all the people buying online (he does shipping for some of the largest companies' main hubs).

    I say, stay home. Don't buy online. Spend time with your family. Sleep. Eat left overs.

    Just don't shop! LOL

    Kidding...sort of...

  3. I go every year but not to fight over something I just love to go and feel the excitement of the holiday season approaching and to laugh at the idiots who have no class.


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