Friday, October 23, 2009


Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of the social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook) we all use daily accessible in the same place? How would you like to make money simply by shopping online (something most of us do daily)? Now how would you like to pass that same opportunity on to all of your friends and family? What if I told you that you can…today? Like to know more…keep reading!

As many of you know I often use my blog to share with you products that I love, but this is not that…it’s bigger and much better than that. So please give me a few minutes of your time and I promise you’ll like what I have to say!

I don’t usually post about things like this, but when a good friend of mine came to me a few weeks ago with a very exciting opportunity I knew that all of you would be just as interested in and excited about it as I am so I had to share! Today a new social media network called Blastoff launched (think Twitter, Facebook, and all of the best places to shop online all rolled into one…and on steroids). So what’s so different and awesome about Blastoff?

  • It’s FREE to join and for the next two weeks it’s open by Invite Only so signing up now ensures that you beat the massive crowds that will come when it opens to the public!
  • Not only can you save money when you shop at hundreds of online retailers (Target, Old Navy, ITunes and many, many more) but you can also make money just from shopping through your Blastoff Mall. How cool is the prospect of saving and making money from something that we already do!
  • You can pass the savings and money making on to your friends by encouraging them to sign up under you..this not only benefits your friends and family but you too as you receive a commission whenever they shop in the Blastoff Mall!

It is very rare for me to put myself out there like this for something new but I do believe Blastoff will be huge and I just wanted to ensure that all of you to have the chance to get in on it as well!

You can click on my personal link below to sign up now…and once you sign up you can start inviting all of your friends and start reaping the benefits of Blastoff!

NOTE: Blastoff just launched this afternoon so right now there are many people trying to sign up under their friends who have been given this exclusive opportunity…if you try my link and it takes a while to load or you get an error message please be patient and keep trying…I told you this is going to be HUGE!


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