Wednesday, October 21, 2009

With Halloween right around the corner and everyone clamoring to find the perfect costume I thought it might be fun (and a nice change from all of the reviews) to share with you guys some of my favorite websites for Halloween costume inspiration. Now I will have to admit that I’ve NEVER bought my children a Halloween costume from the store, I prefer to make them myself or put something fun and funky together from stuff we have around the house. Doing a homemade Halloween costume is actually so much easier than most people think!

Family Fun

The Family Fun website is one of my favorite places online to find almost everything yocome-clean-washing-machine-costume-halloween-craft-photo-260-FF1005COSTA12u ever wanted to know about doing things with your family, from fun craft and recipe ideas to great tips for every holiday, they are my go-to website when I need to find something crafty and family friendly!

They also have a great assortment of Homemade Halloween costumes from classic costumes to funny and even viewer submitted ideas. Some of my favorites from the Family Fun website are the Pick of the Litter,Mouse in the Cheese…super cute for babies, and the Ham and Cheese Sandwich! And they also have a ton of Halloween recipes, crafts, and printable for you to enjoy!

Everything Halloween

Everything Halloween is one of the best websites to find just about anything Halloween related! Party ideas, Haunted House Finder (both IRL and virtual HH), and costume ideas (both homemade and ideas for costumes that can be purchased), if you need it and it’s Halloween related…they have it!


This website has TONS of pictures and very detailed instructions! In my opinion it’s one of the best websites to find unique, fun, and amazing Halloween Costumes!


I know there a lots of other great websites to find homemade Halloween costumes, but these are my favorite (and in my opinion THE BEST). I hope you find something you like! If you know of any great websites for Halloween please leave the URL in your comment as I would love to check them out!

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