Friday, September 11, 2009


If you’ve seen any of the episodes of Cooking With My Misadventurous Kids then you know how much fun my kids have in the kitchen! It doesn’t matter what I’m cooking they want to help and I love their enthusiasm for the culinary arts!

Recently I was introduced to a company called Tovolo. Now if you’ve never heard of this company I’m honored to be the first to tell you about them! Tovolo is a company who takes pride in their cooking tools, their cooking tools and accessories “combine innovative design with intelligent application for tools that are easy to use and a pleasure to own.” From mixing bowls and silicon utensils to the most adorable popsicle molds you’ve ever seen Tovolo has something to please everyone!freezer-gem-hero

We had the pleasure of reviewing the Tovolo Freezer Gems Popsicle Molds (think Ring Pops but much cooler). My children love making freezer pops in the summer (and well anytime actually) and as soon as they saw the Freezer Gem Molds they couldn’t wait to use them! We immediately started thinking of recipes for amazing freezer pops (and Tovolo actually has a link on their website to a selection of amazing sweet treats recipes). The kids loved the design of the pops and I loved that they were easy and highly portable, even little man could walk around with a Freezer Gem Pop on his finger and not make too much of a mess! I also got the chance to try out some of Tovolo’s amazing silicon mixing spoons and spatulas, and when I say they are the most amazing I’ve ever used…it is not an understatement…I LOVE them! The spoons and spatulas are made with a stainless steel handle, they come in an amazing array of colors that will not fade or hold cooking odors, and the best part is that the silicon spoons and spatulas are heat resistant to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, which is awesome if you’re as forgetful as I am. If you’re looking for quality, durable, and adorable products for your kitchen check out Tovolo!


And be sure to watch for future episodes of Cooking With My Misadventurous Kids featuring Tovolo!

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  1. Super cool! I can't wait to see a cooking video with them :)


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