Thursday, September 10, 2009

With middle school comes so many changes; figuring out the best route to take to get to your classes faster, learning your locker combination, and more complex math!  I have never been a math wiz…ever…give me an English class and I’m a straight A student, give me a math class and I’m transformed back into 8th grade and panicking before a test.  I have actually put off taking college algebra (the only credit I need to finish my degree by the way) until the last semester because I am so horrible at it, maybe I can find some sort of online math tutoring to get me past this class. Unfortunately my oldest daughter has inherited my bad math skills, and her grades in math this year are already starting to plummet!

I started thinking seriously about getting Taylor math help last year when her grades were not so hot, but trying to find a tutor around here is just useless!  I started looking for an online math tutor a few weeks ago, I know that she would probably feel much more comfortable getting help from virtually than she would in person.  I found several that seemed promising but one in particular stood out,  Aside from the fact that they are the leading online tutoring company in the world their prices didn’t seem outrageous for what they offer and the fact that  they offer a free demo for first time users made them even more appealing, I mean come on free online math tutoring is hard to come by. 

Whatever we decide to do I have realized that is is necessary for Taylor to get help in math, she feels left behind by her classmates and seems to already be struggling tremendously!  Hopefully we can find her the help she needs before math gets the best of her like it seems to have done to me! 


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