Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On Monday my son came running out of my bedroom and posed for this picture.

He looks like he's been in a heck of a fight huh? Well he was in a fight with a marker and not only did he take some pretty serious hits so did...
the sheets on my bed and...

Kinley's bed sheets had some serious battle wounds as well. He also tagged the wall and my bedroom window...boys gotta love em!

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  1. Oh, dontcha just love with that happens. He is SO CUTE!

  2. As it happens, I CAN relate! This happens with wee girls, too. But with LIPSTICK!

    Cute blog!!!

  3. oops!! I've had a few of these days!

  4. I still have pen marks on wallpaper where Rebecca tagged her bedroom when she learned to write her name, lol. Those are great pics!

  5. LOL yes, boys are naughty little creatures aren't they? Any time they're quiet you gotta go running to see what they're doing LOL

  6. pressed enter to quick! Now to think of some home remedy to clean it up ... LOL

  7. Oh no!!! Leave it to a boy huh?? LOL!!

  8. Uh oh! We've had some marker incidents around here too. Gotta love little boys.

    You've been tagged:

  9. these little people don't seem to be able to help themselves when it comes to markers.

  10. Holy Cow ! You have a Picasso on your hands lady !
    Frame it !
    Too Cute

  11. OH.MY!

    Magic eraser for the walls, spray sheets with ALOT of hairspray and wash with oxyclean. Good luck!


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