Friday, May 8, 2009

As some of you may remember my family took a little weekend vacation to Tennessee this March. What I haven't shared with you is the journey I went on to find the most amazing place to stay.

Usually when it comes to vacation accommodations I go on the recommendations of family and friends since that to me seems the safest way to insure you're getting what you're paying for, but for this weekend trip I decided to find my own diamond in the rough. I am usually pretty leery about booking hotel or motel rooms online and this was no exception. I agonized long and hard before I finally decided to throw caution to the wind and dive head first into finding the most amazing spot Gatlinburg had to offer.

When I started researching the various ways to find the best of the best travel accommodations online I was very pleasantly surprised at how easy and convenient it was. Not only were there pictures (which for some reason I seem to always imagine are never like the real thing) but reviews (so many reviews) from people who had stayed at these various places in the past. The thing that surprised me was how honest people were about their stays and how detailed their reviews were, it made finding the perfect spot so much easier when I had all of these opinions (good and bad) of all of the places I was debating on.

In the end I chose the absolute perfect place to stay and I was so happy with it that I will most assuredly go back again and again. So next time you're a little iffy about looking for a great place to stay online take the time and check it may just find your diamond in the rough!
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