Friday, May 8, 2009

Now if you know me in real life what I'm about to type will come as no surprise to you because I'm just that way, but for those of you who do not have the pleasure of knowing me "for real" this may surprise you and I will be completely fine with you clicking the little red x at the top of this web page and leaving my blog (though I wish you wouldn't).

I have said over and over that I have a problem with organized religion (this must sound like a broken record at this point). I do not have a problem with people being religious (I would even consider myself religious)...I believe in and love God, I pray every single day, and I used to attend church regularly. The problem is that when I was married to my ex-husband I was introduced (and not in a good way) to religion, as a child I didn't go to church because my mom didn't and that was just how it was. My ex set a bad example for what a Christian should be and as quickly as I was excited about discovering religion I was just as quickly turned off from the idea by the things he did and said. I'll leave it at that and you can judge if you wish but if you don't know the whole story I wish you would not.

I read on Yahoo a few minutes ago about a fundamentalist Baptist school in Ohio threatening to suspend one of its students for taking his girlfriend to her public high school prom (you can read the whole story here). This suspension would mean an incomplete in his classes and affect his ability to graduate with his class. The reason behind the strict punishment is simply that they (the school and church) forbid rock music, dancing, hand-holding and kissing. The school's handbook (which contains school rules and was signed by the student upon entering that school) states that rock music, "is part of the counterculture which seeks to implant seeds of rebellion in young people's hearts and minds." The Duggar Family came quickly to mind when I read this!

As I was reading this my head was spinning and I was in complete disbelief that this school would believe that they could have any control over what that student chooses to do outside of school and on his own time. How could a child listening to music and dancing be bad, yes I understand that they are both given bad reputations thanks to the obscene lyrics and suggestive videos that litter some artists songs and videos but does that mean that my son singing and dancing along with Diego and Dora has implanted seeds of rebellion in his heart and mind? I think not! I think that some people need to wake up and realize that it is things like this that make people who are not religious wonder wth is going on with those who are that strictly religious. I just can not imagine not having music and dancing in my life as they both bring me such joy and I just think that this whole thing is such a shame!

What do you think?
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  1. I feel a law suit coming on. I personally would be putting up the biggest stink.

  2. Wow for a school dance? That is just crazy. I would hope that the little christian school we take Cole to would be like that, but we would be leaving if they tried something like that. Wow!

  3. This is typical of what I consider corruption of God's message to us in the Bible. Jesus yelled at the religious leaders of the time telling them they were heaping burdens (rules) on the people and not helping them. Luke 11, verse 46
    I get that some Baptists find rules a way to steer clear of sin.

    But if rules made it easy to be a good person, then "Just Say No" would have worked. It didn't.

  4. I think that is pure maddness. Can you imagine? IS it not a free world ..?
    great post

  5. That is what freedonof religion is all about and if the child is with that sect, then he/she should follow the rules...all of them.
    If they don't agree they shoud get out of that religion.
    I also think it should have been handled more quietly and kept out of the newspapers.
    Religion is a touchy subject and if a school dance is going to raise some dander what would happen if that person got into some real trouble and needed support...what stand would that church take then? ostracize the person?
    Stuff like this is why some do not shoose to even attend a church.


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