Monday, April 27, 2009

So it's been in the 80's here for the past few days and I've been walking around in jeans.

Why? Well let's just say my legs would scare you they're so white.

I'm a sun worshiper...big time! When I was younger (I say that like 30 is older) I used to lay out every chance I got. When I became a mom laying out was not a luxury I was afforded so I opted to go to the tanning bed, nothing hard core I always just went until I have a tan and then I'm done which never takes me very long. The problem is I have been pregnant the past two summers so I've been white as a ghost and now that summer is coming and I'm not pregnant I want to start going to the tanning bed again. My mother always tells me the same thing every time I mention tanning, "When you turn 50 you're skin is going to look like leather." Well that may be the case if I went tanning all year round but I don't and now she has me thinking and worrying about it.

So I want to know if you tan. Do you lay out, go to the tanning bed, or slather on sun block and hide under a hat? And if you've been going to the tanning bed for years then has it negatively affected your skin, i.e. more wrinkles?
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  1. I use to do the bed and lay out, now if I'm lucky it's what I get running around. Sometimes I'll let the boys play in the back yard while I read a book and pull up my shorts ... LOL

    Girl it's easy it's a bread machine, throw it in and out comes bread. Hello my cooking style is easy :).

    Hit me up when you want to talk about the giveaway partners :) muah

  2. If the sun is shining than I am out there. I already have a nice glow in this two last hot days. I'm 50 and as long as you moisturize I think you don't look like leather. I think brown fat looks better than white.

  3. I take Cooper in the pool and that gives me a great upper body tan! The legs suffer for sure. I can lay out for about 20 minutes while he eats in his stroller, though. I usually go to the tanning bed before vacation, or special events. I know it is bad for your skin, but I hate being pasty.

  4. Self tanner honey! Self tanner! I used to lay out when I was young, and now I have so many blemishes on my legs from sun damage. Another thing to look forward to in your forties. LOL

  5. Have to agree with the self-tanner comment -- there are some good products now that aren't scary and orange (try Olay or Neutragena). See for the short version of why I'm always wearing sunscreen now -- not so afraid of being leathery and more afraid of being cancerous.

    Having said that, I love love love to lie in the sun -- always have. Now I just do it with sunscreen on for those rare times when I'm not chasing two toddlers and can actually stretch out on a beach towel.

  6. I used to tan...a lot. Now, not so much...

    I also notice that where the sun hits my skin, I am definitely getting wrinkled, and quickly.

    However, when we go camping, which is every year, I find myself at the beach, sitting in the sun, without sunscreen...hoping to get a tan.

    I know it's bad, I yell at my kids to slather themselves in sunscreen, and I still do it.

    Go figure.

  7. I love glow lotions! They give you a slight tan so you don't look fake as you build up your color, versus other self tanners. And you can slowly work up to darker colors.

    I burn so easily, so laying out is not an option for me at all!


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