Thursday, April 30, 2009

This week has been crazy... mainly due to the fact that Ki Ki has been horribly cranky.

A few weeks after Kinley was born the doctor diagnosed her as having colic, not knowing what colic was or how to fix it was the worse experience I've had as a mom so far...having to listen to my baby cry for hours on end with no relief was awful. She was at the doctor every other day for the first few months and every time it was the same thing, "Little babies gas can sometimes be very severe." I already knew that and the fact that she had equally bad baby reflux was making me slowly (or maybe it was quickly) lose my mind!

The doctors switched her formula too many times to count, they tried what seemed like a million prescription reflux medications, and they recommended a blue million herbal remedies like gripe water. "What is gripe water?" I asked the doctor confused and a little skeptical as it sounded like something that would induce these horrible fits. He assured me that it wouldn't and explained that it was a mixture of herbs designed to ease stomach discomfort...honestly the gripe water was the only thing that even half way offered the poor baby any relief at all. The doctor also assured me that colic almost always goes away by 12 weeks of age.

Fast forward to almost 7 months old and she still is the most unhappy baby I've ever seen! She never seems to be happy for more than twenty minutes at a time which can really be trying when I have a list a mile long of things to do. Have any of you dealt with colic? And if so how long did it last and what worked for your baby?


  1. Most of the time when you are told it is colic with a strong investigation people find their babies have allergies to foods or liquids that make them very uncomfortable.

  2. Oh I'm so sorry girlie I hope KiKi feels better soon. Never went threw it so I'm no use with advice. Love ya girlie :)

  3. Hey, i haven't been around in abit. I love your new layout. so how are things?
    I agree with the above statement from Queen. Abby had terrible tummy cramps and it affected her sleep for over a year...and now its started up again..gahhh
    We tried those tummy drops, gravol, rubbing her tummy, brining her into our bed..nothing really helped..

    good luck to you

  4. Oh, you poor thing! I have never had to dealwith colic, so I am no help.

  5. Poor you. I know what it's like. My daughter had some type of colic or something, and it lasted quite a long time. Mostly it was irritability, usually in the evening. But I also remember she was very high needs, needing me to be with her all the time, and I mean all the time, and WITH her. Like, if she was on the floor playing, I couldn't be on the couch right near her, I had to be ON THE FLOOR, or all hell would break loose. Not get things done? I know that feeling all too well...She's now 14 years old, and I'm still trying to recover!

  6. As a fairly young but not too young mother, I had few friends to get help with about colic. Luckily my older sister-in-law gave me some advice. She said swaddling really helped her baby with the discomfort. I'm told it's because it helps the baby feel like it's still in the womb. I tried this with my daughter Jackie, and it really helped her from being cranky. I doubled it up by playing her some white noise (specifically a mother's heartbeat via the womb).

    Funny enough, my sister-in-law was the one that gave me a swaddling blanket and Sleep Sheep (toy that plays white noise) ay my baby shower. It really was a lifesaver.

    I'm sorry Kiki is still having so much trouble with it. Good luck!

  7. Gripe water is great-we used it when Lucas had an upset stomach and it always worked wonders and for the hiccups-it is like magic!

    Also, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry about Kinley, but it will pass. She WILL grow out of it. : )


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