Friday, March 6, 2009

So the lovely Sassy Cass over @ Sassy and the Boys gave me an awesome award. The award is called the Kreativ Blogger award and though I'm not quite sure I've been very creative lately I love it because I'm a sucker for getting and giving awards!

So I'm supposed to tell y'all 7 things that I love and since my kiddos are sleeping at the moment (Praise Jesus) I figured what the heck....
  1. Mt. Dew I could not (and wouldn't even attempt) get through the day without it!
  2. not human ones, you know the cute ones like this...
  3. Gone With the Wind and more specifically Scarlett O'Hara, but not in some totally weird lesbian sorta way more like I wanted to be her when I was little, but that's another blog post!
  4. Thunderstorms in the summer...falling asleep listening to the rain is my favorite!
  5. Seeing my babies smile it's the best feeling in the world!
  6. Guys with tattoos, though not too many (my fiance is starting to run outta room on his body so I had to cut him off).
  7. My Sinful T-shirts...they are so cute (if you like skulls and dark stuff like that) and they are so comfortable!
Alright so now I get to give this award to some of my bloggy buddies and that is truly my favorite part so here goes!

And I could go on and on but I won't enjoy the award girls and guy!


  1. Thanks, I thought huh two awards, and realized you know have three blogs, so you are on your way to being just like m'E', lol, and good cooking takes time, and at only 30 you have eighteen years to catch up to me, lol!

  2. You are the sweetest!! I don't know how I missed this blog of yours!!! Thank you so much for the award!!!

    I LOVE cute skull stuff too! LOVE IT! Guys with tattoos...yummy!

    Thank you so much for the very kind words! You are awesomeness!

    Now I have to catch up on reading these posts on your blog here!!!


  3. I love the skulls too! That is so funny! I have skulls on my motorcycle too! How far are you from the Dayton area?

  4. It's definitely a dream; I mean, most men can only grasp, at the outside, being in the mix with TWO women, and here I am with FIVE!

    Would say I don't know what to do, but... that would be deceiving.

    Accept, Allie!

    Guess I better get to typing now... Hey-- just figured out why the award-- if'n I'm busy typing the seven things I love, I can't be distracting you with incessant flirtation!

    You are the best, M.M.!!

  5. i noticed on your profile you want to write ... me, too! i'm at and also (my writing mistakes made so you don't have to!)

    nice to meet you!

  6. Hi Mommy Kerri... she writes. Trust this old bird! Welcome to Her Majesty's Sphere...

  7. Seven Things I Love posted at My Song on 13 March 2009...



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