Friday, January 9, 2009

This morning I was cruising blogs, which I normally do in the mornings...can you say I have no life, anyway I came across this blog post and decided to read it. In reading it I found out something that I had no idea about (guess I've been living under a rock). Apparently the powers that be woke up one morning and came up with another great way to mess with our country...last year Congress passed a law, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act making it illegal to resell any used children products including clothing and toys as of February 10, 2008, without first being tested for lead and phalates. This ban would also make it illegal for handmade items to be sold without first being tested(you know that cute Save Handmade Button on people's blogs? Well that's what it's for, guess I was under that rock for quite some time!)...this law is the most insane thing I have ever heard! Not only will this mean businesses closing, jobs lost, SAHM mom businesses being forced to stop selling their items, but it will also mean that us moms will no longer be able to buy or sell our children's used clothes to resell shops such as Once Upon A Child , Goodwill, and hundred of others. I don't know about you but I go to those places all the time and most of the people I know do as well. These places are so important to moms who depend on them to help ease the burden of buying clothes for our kids.

I found this site that has a wealth of information about this so please check it out! And pass this information on to all the people you know that could be affected by this. Maybe together we can make them modify the law so that it protects our children, not put more of a burden on us!


  1. I had no idea. I love going to all those little shops, with three kids growing out of control it sure does help. Thanks A Bunch -- Gone get the button.


  2. once again our government at work which does not always serve the people.

  3. OMG!!!What next ?
    and these are the same people that just got a $4,000 raise to themselves ?

  4. OMG! This is ridiculous. I am seriously going to email my Congressman.

  5. Wow..thats maddening..
    I go to Once Upon A Child a lot.
    Also i donate a lot as well..
    Wonder if that is effective in Canada as well.

  6. OH MAN! i have never heard of this either!! what about yard sales (garage sales)?? how can they even enforce this? this is craziness...thanks for letting others that apparently have been under the rock know as well...i will be sure to pass it on.


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