Thursday, January 8, 2009

I decided to rename my children (only for blog purposes of course) so I thought I'd write this post so that when you read posts from now on you know who on earth I'm talking about. I just got really tired of calling them oldest, middle, son, and baby...sounds so wrong. So from now on I am calling them by their nick names.

Tay-Tay...a.k.a oldest
Nay-Nay...a.k.a. middle son

Seems I love me some hyphens...anyway now you're up to speed.


  1. That is a good idea. Then I was thinking I barely call my kids by their real names at home, LOL. Its Sissy, Babygirl, little man, buttercup, and list goes on. I like the names for your kiddos. short, but very sweet...

    Thanks for updating us.

  2. My kids have nicknames to! Those are cute.


  3. I like!I have to say Nay-Nay is my favorite because I have called my baby sister that for years! We call our 13 year old Hottie. Started with Hot Rod, but went to Hottie years ago.


Can you relate? Well let me know about it!