Friday, December 12, 2008

I realized today that while I blog about my kids all the time, I've never really introduced without further ado here are my Rugrats.

This is Taylor my oldest daughter, she's 9. Taylor is definitely my most sensitive child...she cries about almost everything (while watching herself in the mirror I might add) so yes she's a bit of a drama queen. She's also my loudest child and doesn't care who knows it! Taylor's not all drama though, she has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know! She truly cares about other people and their well being, which makes me so proud. She loves singing and writing and is equally amazing at both! She's an amazing kid and is also there for her Mommy...she's my rock! She's also an amazing big sister to all her siblings!

This is Savanna my middle child and my goodness is she rotten. Everyone says she looks just like me and I'm sorry to say she acts just like me too. Savanna loves to argue, she would seriously argue that the sky was blue and NEVER give up...when she believes something there's no changing her mind! Savanna is a very girly girl, she loves make-up, high heels, and playing dress-up...on the flip side of that she's also my most athletic child; she plays soccer and softball and is great at both of them. Savanna is also super creative and is constantly drawing and coloring. Savanna is also my biggest helper...I never have to ask her twice and she's already ready to jump in and lend me a helping hand! She also loves to help me with the baby and is great as a big sister!

Ah my boy...this is Gaige and he's 16 months. He's my only boy so you know he's spoiled rotten! Gaige is the sweetest baby I've ever known, always coming up to me with hugs and kisses, which always makes my day! He's got a smile that could melt any ones heart and a personality to match! For all the cuteness he's also all boy...he loves to wrestle with anyone who he can jump on, he burps and farts and laughs about it (so totally different from all the girls), and he climbs on anything he can manage to hoist himself up on! He's definitely a handful, but he's an amazing child!

Last but not least is my baby...Kinley she's 2 months old. Kinley has been through so much in the past two months, but she's such a strong girl and amazes me every day. She started smiling and cooing at a month old (which was way sooner than any of my other children) and she hasn't stopped since. The way she looks at me and smiles when I talk to her melts my heart. She's such a great baby...but definitely shows signs of being my wild child, good thing she was last and not first!
Alright there you go all of my babies...they're crazy and they drive me nuts 99% of the time, but they are my life and I couldn't imagine being who I am without them!


  1. awww your kiddos are sooo cute!!!I love them.saw your twitter about hating the public school system lol seriosuly talk to me if you need to about homeschooling i could so see you doing this.It's not as hard as some people might think it is!!!

  2. what sweethearts, thanks for the intros! it was great to "meet" them!

  3. You have beautiful children! And I love their names, too, and the loving descriptions you had for all of them.

  4. what a fine family you have and i am glad to meet them...

  5. Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures of you children.
    They look absolutely cuddly and cute.
    How adorable.
    Tell Savana to keep the attitude...will serve her well in life...don't take crap from anyone, be strong.
    you are truly 4 times blessed

  6. Hey! Your kids are super cute. Your blog is cute, too! I love the pin-up cherries. :D


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