Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I've been a SAHM(that is stay at home mom for those of you who don't know) for almost 10 years now...I've been doing it for so long that I can not quite honestly see myself being anything else. It's the best job in the world (and also the hardest), I get to watch my babies grow up a little more every day, I get to be here when my oldest daughters come home from school, and I get the satisfaction of knowing that I'm the one that's raising my kids and not some random babysitter. That said, there are so many people who just do not understand what SAHM's do...I think a lot of people assume we sit around all day, watch TV, and eat Bon Bon's (and let me just say I have never even eaten a Bon Bon)...when in reality nothing could be farther from the truth! I decided that in order to dispel the myths that surround us SAHM's I would give you a rundown of what a typical day in my life is like.

(Please note all times are approximate as you have absolutely no control over a one year old and a two month old...if they wanna eat you feed them, if they need a diaper change that will not wait until the schedule
6:30-7:30: Wake up, start breakfast, wake my two oldest daughters up, help them get ready for school, feed and change the baby, wake my one year old up, put my daughters on the bus.
7:30-10:00: Start what will be the first of about 3 loads of laundry, do breakfast dishes (yes I have a dishwasher, it's name is Allison a.k.a. Me), put the baby to sleep for a nap, play feed my son his breakfast, log on to my classes and start doing my assignments for the day. And of course I always try to squeeze in some blogging time!
10:00-11:30: Play with my son...this is about the only time in a day that I get to enjoy myself...playing with him makes me happier than just about anything.
11:30-12:30: Make lunch for me and my son and feed us both.
12:30-3:30: This is the time that I usually run my errands if I have any, and I always seem to have more than I would like, because I'm not sure about anyone else, but it's not the easiest thing in the world going anywhere with two babies. If I don't have errands then I usually clean the house at this time.
3:30-5:30: My girls get home from school, I make them an after school snack, help them with their homework, and spend some one on one time with each of them.
5:30-6:30: Start dinner, do more laundry, straighten up the train wreck that is my house, because by this time of day my son has run a muck all over the place.
6:30-7:00: Eat the fun really begins.
7:00-12:00: Start the dishes from dinner, give the baby and my son a bath, supervise while my oldest daughters get a bath and get ready for bed, finish the dishes, put my two oldest daughters and my son to bed, straighten up the rest of the house, wash, sterilize, and make bottles, fed the baby and try to put her to sleep, get a shower (if I'm lucky), finish the rest of my homework, and if my daughter is cooperating I may make it to bed by 1 am.

Now I don't know about you, but watching TV and eating Bon Bon's is so far from what I actually do in a days time that I just don't know what idiot came up with that nonsense!


  1. one of these days i'm gonna poat what i do in a day!!!good job!!!yeah i've never had a bon bon either and watching tv does not come untill kiddos are in bed!!!!!

  2. It takes discipline and determination. Your the Woman!

  3. SAHM's are the busiest I think! I am both.. LOL! Part time counselor and part time stay at home!

    Come on over and enter to win the veggie cutter set for your little ones!!

  4. I fear the day I have to help with the homework. I feel like I am going to have to start taking night classes so that when my kids are in highschool I will actually be able to help them. I can barely structure a sentence and use multiplication.

  5. I think you are amazing. I do it every day too, but I really struggle with the balance between spending time doing housework and spending time with the kids. I wish I were better at it, but it is a challenge every day, letting some of the work "go".

    But, yeah, I stay up late most nights too. I often say "I'll catch up on my sleep tomorrow" but tomorrow never comes!

    Great post!

  6. LOL Bon Bons! I don't know very many mommies who really do sit around doing that.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments. It overwhelms me sometimes the kind things people have to say about my family.


  7. me too but wouldn't just be nice to do that for a day or two?

  8. I'd like the answer to theat question too! :)


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