Saturday, December 13, 2008

Today as I sat on my bedroom floor overwhelmed by all of the presents yet to be wrapped, rolls of wrapping paper begging me to be opened, and piles of gift boxes as far as my eyes could see; I wondered...why do parents feel the need to overindulge their children on Christmas. Now as my afore mentioned introduction stated I am more than guilty of this myself, but as my family grows (my fiance and I have six kids between us) and as the children get older the amount of money we spend every Christmas seems to skyrocket! But why do we do this? I don't know about anyone else, but my children play with something for a couple days and then I go to their room to drop off laundry and there are all of their new toys scattered all over the floor, yet every Christmas and Birthday I insist on keeping the stores in business by buying more than my fair share.

I realized that I buy my kids too much because when I was a kid my sister and I didn't really have too much. We never had any money and when we did get something we were overjoyed. But I'm curious, do you buy your children too much on Christmas? And if so why?


  1. Get a grip now on the you realize how many grand children those 6 kids are going to eventually be having ?
    If you start tapering off now, by the time the grand kids are here, IF YOU DO IT RIGHT THAT IS, you won't even have to buy for the kids, just the grand kids.
    Ahhhh...just kidding.
    We didn't have much either when I was a next to nothing and I hated when we went back to school and had show and tell...I usually had little or nothing to show or even tell about.
    The kids should be happy at this time of year, but, within reason.
    Hope you have a very happy holiday season.

  2. I don't have children yet but one of the reasons I tend to overindulge with my nieces and nephews is because my family was very poor when my brothers and I were children. It's a bit silly but I just want to make sure they never have a bad Christmas.

    Have fun with all the wrapping! ;)

  3. Yeah.. i understand what you are saying. It is so hard not to buy them everything!! It is so much fun! But they truly do appreciate it more when there is less.. i think.. i mean.. think about how excited you were!


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