Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lil Diva is all girl.  She loves pretty, pink, frilly  things and she LOVES hair bows and headbands, which is fine, but they are everywhere, which left me trying desperately to find a storage solution for them.   A while back I came across a few headband holders on Pinterest that were available for purchase on Etsy, but I really wanted to make one for her myself and it turns out it was super cheap and easy to make and absolutely adorable!  Here's the DIY Headband Holder Tutorial I came up with with step-by-step instructions!

Happy Crafting!

Materials Needed

Fabric (I bought one pack of the quilting squares for less than $1.00 and it was more than enough)
Ribbon (to match fabric)
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks


1.  Lay fabric on table, make sure it is free of wrinkles (you may need to use the iron to make sure the fabric is free of wrinkles).  Lay yardstick on top of fabric and cut fabric to the size of yard stick, allowing about a 2 inch overhang on all sides.  *NOTE:  I covered all of the yardstick with fabric and just folded the extra over on what would be the back.

2.  Working in small sections, place hot glue on yardstick and then fold fabric over the glue, smoothing the fabric as you go.  When you get to the last side, make sure that you pull fabric tight before you glue. 

3.  Once you glue the fabric to the yard stick, cut ribbon into 7 equal size pieces and fold them over to form a loop.  Glue each of the first 6 loops closed at the top (about a 1/2 inch)  and then glue each ribbon to the yardstick at an equal distance apart.  Take the last loop and glue it closed at the top and then attach with hot glue to the back of the yardstick to make a hanger. 

4.  *Optional:  Take extra fabric and make simple bows to glue to the top of each ribbon loop.

Viola.  A super simple, very cheap, DIY Headband Holder!

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  1. Adorable! I need to make one of these for my youngest granddaughter, it looks very easy.


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