Saturday, November 23, 2013


geospace-logo When I was little, one of my favorite things to do was jump rope with my friends, every single recess turned into a fierce jump rope competition between me and my friends...ah, the memories. Though my kiddos don’t seem to be as interested in jumping rope as I used to be, they do love new ways to get out and have a good time, while also keeping fit and that’s just one of the many reasons why I love Geospace Toys.


If you’ve never heard of Geospace Toys, I can’t wait to introduce you, all of their toys are super fun and creative, but they also encourage children to get out and play, really play, with their toys.


About Geospace Toys:


Welcome to Geospace! As a manufacturer and distributor, we’ve been bringing you fun, unique toys for over 20 years. Shop all of our products here in our online shop. Our most popular toys can be found in the Top Sellers section. We also have a section displaying our Newest Products, where you will find our most recent additions.


Recently we were sent the Sparkler LED Whip 'N Skip Ankle Jump Rope with Lights from Geospace to check out and include in our Holiday Gift Guide and it instantly brought me back to my days as the jump rope champ…ok, so maybe I’m the only one who called me champ, but that’s not really the point.


About the Sparkler LED Whip ‘N Skip Ankle Jump Rope:

Kids love to move. Our updated new version of a classic toy from the 90s with LED lights has kids hopping like frenzied frogs for hours on end.  Why is the Sparkler™ WHIP 'N SKIP™ so mesmerizing? Though the basic movement is easy to learn, it’s a challenge to keep it going, a feat of balance, endurance, and coordination.  And of course, it has motion-activated LED lights to the delight of kids.


To play, simply attach the WHIP 'N SKIP's tether to one leg and begin rolling the ball on the ground in a circular pattern around your body. With each revolution, your other leg must hop or skip over the tether. Kids get their competitive juices flowing to see who can go the longest and fastest, as the ball’s built-in counter records every revolution. Players devise different ways of moving the ball, and imagine all sorts of games and challenges. It’s a great way to burn off energy, and kids don’t even realize they’re getting an invigorating workout!


Alright, so, I’m really not ashamed to admit that as soon as this thing arrived, I tore it out of the box, put it on my ankle (it used to be a lot easier to do that) and started having a good old time, of course, I may have underestimated how old I am, because I very quickly was out of breath and decided to take it off my ankle and put it back in the box. I may be a little too old (yeah, I admit it) to play with the Whip ‘N Skip, but my kiddos sure aren’t and it’s right up their alley. I love that the Whip ‘N Skip gives kids a great workout (I’ll definitely vouch for that) while they’re still having a blast, for a mom, that’s a win—win!



You can purchase the Sparkler LED Whip 'N Skip Ankle Jump Rope with Lights online at and at less than $20, it makes a great holiday gift for every kiddo on your holiday gift list!


Disclosure: I received the Sparkler LED Whip 'N Skip Ankle Jump Rope with Lights from Geospace Toys for inclusion in our holiday gift guide, all opinions are 100% my own!


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