Wednesday, October 16, 2013

With lots of little ones running around my house, it's not always easy to make sure they don't OD on candy, especially this time of year.  With Halloween (and inevitably trick-or-treat) right around the corner, it's as important as ever for me to ensure that my little ones have healthy, sweet treats and snacks on hand so that they have options that are both good for them and give them the sweetness they need to satisfy their sweet tooth. 

One of my kiddos favorite drinks is chocolate milk, they'd choose it for every single meal and snack if they could, which is great for me as a mom, since chocolate milk has all the protein, vitamins and nutrients as white milk!  While I always try to keep chocolate milk on hand, it can get a little tricky trying to find a place to stash it in the fridge (this is one of those problems that only a parent can understand).  I've heard of shelf-safe milk before, but was honestly ill-informed about what exactly it was and how best to use it, which kept me from buying it (even thought space in my pantry is much easier to find than my refrigerator).  Recently, I'm talking last week, I was sent a ton of individual, shelf-safe milk products to try out from Milk Unleashed and I have to say, it definitely made me look at shelf-safe milk in an entirely different way. 

Shelf safe milk is real Grade A milk, packaged in milk boxes that don’t need refrigeration until they are opened (like juice boxes).  Available in chocolate, vanilla and white chocolate, kids love it, and an 8 oz. carton provides 9 grams of protein and 15 other essential vitamins and minerals. Shelf safe milk for trick-or-treaters is just another way to encourage a nutritious snack, anytime, anywhere.

As I mentioned above, we received a ton of milk goodies from Milk Unleashed last week to try out and it didn't take long before the kiddos opened the pantry and ask me, with confused looks on their faces, why the milk was in the pantry.  I explained to them what shelf-safe milk was and told them that I had put a few cartons in the fridge to chill and that they should definitely try them...I didn't even get the last couple of words out of my mouth before they ran past me to the fridge.  I was a little worried that the shelf-safe milk would taste too different, or that my kids would think something was off, but if there were any of those second thoughts or hesitations, I didn't notice them and they didn't voice them, they drank all of the different flavors and brands as they do the same flavors and brands of the refrigerated milk I always buy.  One of the best things about shelf-safe milk, is that it comes in all of the varieties and brands that my kids already love, from Hershey to True Moo and Horizon, there are just as many shelf-safe varieties to choose from as there are regular milk. 

I'm really glad that we as a family tried something that we wouldn't necessarily normally try and it turns out that we all loved it as much as we do our favorites.  Now I know that when my refrigerator is full, I can pick up some of our favorite milk products in the shelf-safe version, save space and still enjoy something that we all love.  And did you know that chocolate milk is also the official drink of Halloween?  If that doesn't make you want to run out and pick up some of that chocolaty goodness, then I don't know what will.  Also, next time you head out to your favorite grocery store, check out the varieties of shelf-safe milk and pick up one (or a few), you'll be surprised by how much everyone enjoys them! 

Make sure you head over to the Milk Unleashed website and check out the October cow calendar for lots of yummy facts about everyone's favorite, chocolate milk!  And don't forget...chocolate milk (and other shelf-safe varieties) are great, sweet treats for Halloween and any time!

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Disclosure:  I received samples of shelf-safe milk from Milk Unleashed in order to facilitate my review...all opinions are my own!

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