Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Lil Diva loves coloring, heck, I’m not sure I know a single kid who doesn’t love it, but coloring the same cartoon characters and super hero's has to get old…right?  I thought I’d share a brilliant new coloring book with you that will have you looking differently at the same old, boring coloring book—Outside the Lines.

Outside the Lines is a hip and imaginative coloring book featuring the work of more than 100 creative masterminds.  With many pages commissioned especially for this book”,  the collection includes the work of several talented artists whose work turns the mere act of coloring, into an adventure your little one isn’t likely to forget.  Outside the Lines will be available for purchase September 3 online at for $18.00 you can check out some of the awesome pages included in Outside the Lines below.
Pretty cool…no?  Make sure you check out Outside the Lines when when it goes on sale next month!

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  1. "Outside the Lines" book should be a big hit... especially with the holidays being right around the corner. I like the diversity that will be in the book, especially with their being "over 100 masterminds" that worked on "Outside the Lines."


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