Thursday, July 25, 2013

Who knew that you could get so creative with PEEPS?  And while I’m asking questions, who knew that PEEPS have two new awesome summer flavors Bubble Gum and Sweet Lemonade? 
Check out these creative ways to enjoy the new yummy flavors of PEEPS, some of them look seriously delish!

The new Bubble Gum and Sweet Lemonade flavors are the first summer products to be released by the traditionally holiday-focused PEEPS brand. They were inspired by the taste of classic summer treats but have been transformed into the iconic chick shape. Additionally, each package of Sweet Lemonade PEEPS sold helps to support The Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, an organization dedicated to treating and curing children with cancer.


Earlier in the summer, The Terri & Sandy Solution asked mommy bloggers from across the country to post about how they would express their summer “Peepsonality” using the two new flavors. Some of the nearly endless possibilities included a PEEPS pool party, a recipe for PEEPS fondue, and a lemonade stand where every glass was topped with a Sweet Lemonade chick.  For inspiration and ideas in this social media campaign, please visit
“PEEPS have always inspired incredible craft and recipe ideas. You can search Pinterest and find the most unbelievable consumer-generated content,” says Sandy Greenberg, Co-founder of The Terri & Sandy Solution. “We really wanted to see what consumers could do with these new flavors. Bubble Gum and Sweet Lemonade open a world of summer possibilities that this social program is igniting.” Adds Terri Meyer, Co-Founder, The Terri & Sandy Solution, “One mommy blogger threw an entire party with a PEEPS-chic summer theme. It’s just unbelievable what you can create with these new products.”

I love that PEEPS is donating a portion of their sales from the Sweet Lemonade flavor to help raise money for The Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, it’s such a great cause and a great reason to try the new flavor!   I want to know, will you be trying any of these or did inspiration strike and now you have an awesome idea of how to use the new PEEPS that’s all your own?


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