Thursday, July 25, 2013

As my children get older I’m faced with a lot of different emotions and realizations, but being the mother of a teenager, my first teenager, brings about  a lot of firsts and some of them both terrify and excite me all at  the same time.  Take for instance the fact that my oldest daughter will be starting her first year of high school next month, or the fact that she’ll have her learner’s permit this time next year, or the fact  that in a few short months she’ll be attending her very first high school formal when she attends Homecoming.  Those are all such exciting and scary and nerve wrecking things that I’m not sure I’m quite ready for, but Drama Teen, oh she’s ready.

A few weeks ago DT came to me and told me that she’s already been looking at Homecoming dresses, you can imagine my confusion when in the middle of July she felt compelled to tell me she was already dress shopping for a dance that wouldn’t even be happening until early next year, but I took it as a good sign that she was excited enough about homecoming and all of the other “cool” aspects of high school that she wasn’t freaking out about becoming a Freshman in just a few short weeks…it’s the little victories I tell ya.  Not wanting to discourage her excitement I asked her to show me a few of her favorite dresses, so today we sat down at  the computer and spent a little time “window shopping” and bonding over all things frilly, girly and fun.

One of the first dress sites we came to was DressFirst  and I have to admit, they have so many absolutely gorgeous dresses that even I as a soon-to-be bride (don’t get too excited, my husband and I will be renewing our vows in 2015) fell instantly in love with.  Drama Teen and I have completely different styles, she likes wild and different and likes to push the envelope a little more than I do, but I was both shocked and excited that she and I agreed on how beautiful some of the dresses were.   One of our favorites was an A-Line/Princess Sweetheart Asymmetrical dress in chiffon, it is stunningly beautiful and was the one dress that we both were instantly drawn to, it’s gorgeous…no?


While scrolling through page after page filled with  wonderful colors and exquisite materials, my daughter and I realized that when there are so many beautiful things to choose from, it’s not always easy to pick just one.  Drama Teen found dress after dress on the DressFirst website that she just “had” to have and while she never did manage to narrow her choices down to one (we ended our online window shopping marathon with a list of ten different dresses that she “needed” to have), she did manage to make me feel almost comfortable with knowing that she’s growing up…almost.

While I’ll probably never stop being emotional when it comes to my children and I’m positive that  the realizations that I come to as they get older won’t end anytime soon (if ever), I do know that I’m raising some pretty great kids who never cease to amaze me and for that I’m always grateful.  Well for that and dresses, because when all else fails, you should definitely go dress shopping!

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  1. The prom dress short in front long in back is gorgeous.What about the color red?


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