Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It’s no secret that I love my iPhone and it’s definitely no secret that I also adore iPhone accessories, so I always get extremely giddy when I get a pitch to review something cool for my iPhone.


A couple of weeks ago I received a pitch from Good Call for a Bluetooth handset for my iPhone and I was immediately intrigued.  While I really do love my iPhone 4, it’s not the easiest phone to have a long conversation on simply because of the design.  I know some people may disagree with that statement, but for me personally, if I’m not using a Bluetooth headset while having a conversation on my phone, then I usually try to cut the conversations short, sad, but true.  Though I’ve tried several Bluetooth headsets, I’ve never used a Bluetooth handset, but I was excited about the possibility of being able to use my phone without being annoyed.

If you’ve never heard of Good Call, here’s a little more about the company and their seriously cool product…

The iG1 Bluetooth iPhone Handset, is a wireless handset that allows you to pick up a call (and then hang up a call) without having to wear an earpiece, the ergonomic design allows you to comfortably cradle the handset between your ear and your shoulder for optimal comfort during call, yes, even the long ones.  You can even use Siri to make calls even easier and even more hands free by simply picking up the handset and telling Siri to call anyone on your contact with ease.  One of the coolest features of Good Call is the fact that your iPhone doesn’t need to be docked to make a call on the handset, you can even take the handset with you almost anywhere as long as your iPhone and handset are within general Bluetooth range!  I also really like that with the Good Call iG1, you can sync and charge your iPhone while making a call, which is great for those long talks with friends!  Finally, another of my favorite features of the Good Call iG1, is that you don’t have to worry about staying in areas of your home with the best reception, you simply leave your iPhone where you have the best reception and you can walk around your home or office with ease—pretty cool if I do say so myself! 
As I mentioned above, I like to talk on my phone—a lot, but talking on my iPhone for long periods, can sometimes be a pain, that’s why I was super psyched when the iG1 by Good Call was as awesome IRL as it sounded online.  Since I definitely believe that seeing is believing, here’s a little video that the big kids and I put together to show the iG1 in action.

There you have it, Misadventurous Mommy’s thoughts on the iG1 Bluetooth iPhone Handset from Good Call and if you want to check it out so you can get one too, you can find more information, including where to buy it, on the Good Call website—you can also get it in HD!

Disclosure:  I received the product mentioned above in order to facilitate my review…all opinions are 100% my own!

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