Monday, December 3, 2012


I love the holiday season, it’s my favorite time of year for many reasons, but mostly because it’s always filled with family, friends, and great memories of holidays past. 

When I was younger, Christmas was such a special, fun time in our family.  I have so many great memories of the holiday season from my childhood; I remember driving around in the car with my mom and my little sister looking at Christmas lights, baking cookies for Santa every Christmas Eve and being sure we saw Rudolph’s nose in the night sky, (it was really a radio tower and one of the best memories I have because I was able to carry on the tradition of baking cookies and looking for Rudolph’s nose with my own children), hearing “Santa’s” boots stomping around on the floor as my sister and I lay in our beds too excited to sleep and so many more that still bring a smile to my face all these years later.  But my favorite Christmas memory of all is going to see a huge holiday light display out in the boondocks (as all us country folks like to say) at a place called Rudd’s Christmas Farm.  I remember getting all bundled up and my mom and my Aunt Deb packing me, my sister and my little cousin Jeremy in the car and making the LONG drive to see the lights, laughing and singing Christmas songs the entire way.  The Christmas lights were a force all their own, they weren’t just average lights, the lights covered entire hillsides and you had to climb steep, narrow stairs to see them all,  there were huge angel statues everywhere and a live nativity scene and music and so much to look at that I remember thinking there was no possible way we could see it all in one night, yet we always somehow managed.  Rudd’s was huge, acres and acres of land covered in lights and it was just so magical that it never mattered how cold it was (and in Southern Ohio in the middle of December it’s pretty darn cold) we always had the best time and it was always the thing I most looked forward to this time of year.  The last time I went  to Rudd’s was when my oldest daughter was 2 (almost 11 years ago exactly) it was the last year for the Christmas lights as the owner had passed and his family couldn’t take on the responsibility, it was so sad to know that such a big part of the holiday season for me (and so many other people too) would no longer be, but I was so happy that I was able to share it with my daughter.

All of these years later I still miss Rudd’s, I miss the time together with family that it created, I miss the hot chocolate in the old barn that had been converted to a snack bar and I even miss the numb tingling fingers and toes when we finally made it back to the car (exhausted) and while I’m sad that I never got the chance to share that part of my childhood with my other three children, I am thankful that Rudd’s created such amazing memories for me—I’ll always have that to look back on fondly.


Sadly, all of the pictures I had from that last trip to Rudd’s have been lost over the years, I probably should have compiled them all and had them put on DVD when I had the chance.  Maybe if I had known about YesVideo before I lost all of the pictures I would still be able to look at them and smile, remembering the great times we had.  If you’re wondering what Yes Video is a company who preserves your family’s memories by transferring media to DVD.  They offer video, VHS, film, slide scanning, photo scanning all to DVD and even HD video to Blu-ray! Customers can either mail their media directly to YesVideo or drop it off at four major retailers.  Family movies, pictures, or slides transferred to DVD is a very thoughtful gift!   To receive DVDs back by Christmas, customers must drop media off at CVS no later than December 3rd…that’s today y’all, so make sure to get your media to CVS now!  You can also “Like” YesVideo on Facebook and Follow YesVideo on Twitter for the latest news and products! 

YesVideo really does make a great holiday gift and I don’t have to tell you how important it is to preserve the memories most precious to you before it’s too late…it’s so much more fun remembering family time with pictures and video!  Do you have a favorite family memory that you'd love to have preserved with YesVideo…tell me about it!

Disclosure:  I was compensated for this post…all opinions are my own!


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