Thursday, September 6, 2012

Now that most of us have had the chance to kinda/sorta get used to the back-to-school routine, the homework starts and if there’s anything more frustrating than helping one child with homework, it’s trying to help four children all at the same time—can you say impossible? 

If you’re in the same or similar boat when it comes to homework I have a few great tips from education expert Claire Haas, Vice President of Education for Kiddie Academy to help all of the parents out there deal with homework time. 

Homework Help for Busy Parents
Parents can help their kids start the year off right by establishing a homework routine.  Designate a space that is quiet, well lit and free from distractions, and use that same spot every day. 

Claire Haas, Vice President of Education for Kiddie Academy ( also recommends creating a Homework Bin to make sure all needed materials are always ready.  The homework bin avoids interruptions to the routine - there will be no excuse to wander off, looking for a pencil or marker.Kiddie Academy Homework Bin (3)

How to Create a Homework Bin
1.    Designate a specific basket or tote as the Homework Bin
2.    Label the bin so everyone knows what it's for
3.    Keep it handy, near the designated homework spot
4.    When homework is done, return all materials to the bin each day
5.    Resist temptation to use these materials for other crafts - keep it ready
6.    Explain the concept to your family
7.    Restock the bin as necessary

I really love the idea of having a homework bin, I know that it would definitely help keep me from running myself ragged looking for all of the necessary homework supplies…I hope this helps all of the busy parents out there be a little more prepared when it comes to homework time!

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  1. Thank you for the tips, we have a routine for right after school while having a snack.. I agree it makes it so much easier with a routine.


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