Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My children love sports, I’m pretty sure there isn’t a sport that they dislike, but the one they seem to love above all others is soccer!  Between Sporty Spice, who is just an all around athlete, and the babies and Drama Teen, they cannot get enough if running up and down the field kicking around the ball—hey, it’s great exercise for them so you’ll hear no complaints for me! 

With soccer in mind, I wanted to share a fun infographic with all of you  that shows you not only how to make a DIY soccer goal, but also another very fun use for PVC pipe…enjoy!

CIS Fittings
This data in this infographic was assembled by Commercial Industrial Supply, a leading pvc pipe and fittings supplier.
Disclosure:  I was compensated for posting this infographic. 


  1. Hey, just wanted to say that this was a very well written post and I enjoyed reading it. It's great to see someone sharing interesting information on the internet.

  2. PVC pipes can be used in so many creative ways!


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