Wednesday, June 13, 2012

When most people think of fruit, they usually think of eating it, but have you ever thought of all of the products that have fruit (or fruit extracts in them)? 

Me either before I received a pitch a few weeks ago about some great products that all have fruit listed in their ingredients.  How’s that for a low calorie option!  I received a few different fruit infused products to review and honestly they have been some of my favorite products this year! 

First up we have Aubrey Lumessence Lift. 

“What do backyard barbecues, beach days, picnics and Aubrey Lumessence Lift  all have in common? Watermelon of course! This firming renewal cream uses watermelon to help hydrate skin and reduce redness, in addition to algae extract which firms skin for a youthful glow.”lumessence-lift_110x170

Before I hit 30, I didn’t give much thought to aging skin, but as soon as I noticed my first wrinkles (a lil faint line in the corner of my eyes) I immediately began to add renewal and firming creams to my daily skincare routine.  I’ve used several brands of renewal cream and Aubrey Lumessence Lift is right up there with the best I’ve tried!  If you’re looking for a renewal cream that also firms skin, reduces redness and hydrates for up to 8 hours, I definitely recommend Aubrey Lummessence Lift! 

You can find out more about Aubrey Lumessence or to order, visit the Aubrey website!

BUY IT!  You can pick up a bottle of Aubrey Lumessence Lift for $ 33.50!

Next up we have Australian Gold Bronzing Dry Oil Spray Intensifier!

“Go bananas for Australian Gold Bronzing Dry Oil Spray Intensifier. This glowing oil moisturizes and hydrates skin using banana extract. Rub on legs for an instant bronze glow from shimmering pigments, and smell of bananas and coconut.”Intensifier-Dry-Oil-Spray

Summer’s in Ohio are HOT and I spend a good bit of my summer pool side watching my kiddos play and soaking up the sun.  I used to be a major tanner, but I have definitely cut back on my sun exposure in the past few years, since I try not to be in the sun too much I make sure that the time I am in it is maximized and that’s one of the reasons why I love Australian Gold Bronzing Dry Oil Spray Intensifier.  I’ve used the Bronzing Intensifier a few  times this summer and my tan looks better in just those few uses than it did when I was in the sun every day…that’s a major win in my book! 

BUY IT!  You can pick up the Australian Gold Bronzing Dry Oil Spray Intensifier at mass retailers for less than $8 and have an awesome tan all summer long!

Last, but most certainly not least is my absolute favorite product that I’ve reviewed this year…Aubrey Herbal Liquid Bath Soap!

“Be the apple of everyone’s eye with Aubrey Herbal Liquid Bath Soap. This everyday-bath soap contains apple oil to leave skin feeling fresh and smooth- never dry. Refreshing sea herbals and emollients come together in this mild, concentrated soap that cleanses gently, without disrupting your skin's delicate balance.”Aubrey-Herbal-Liquid-Soap

I know what you’re thinking, “A bath soap is your favorite product this year—really?” and my answer would most certainly be YES!  To be honest, I wasn’t sure that I would even like Aubrey Herbal bath soap and the very first time I used it I was super confused because it has an oily consistency which is uncommon and I wondered how on earth oily bath soap would work, but this stuff is like magic…it comes out of the bottle oily and works into a rich, thick lather that rinses completely clean! 

In addition to being a great moisturizing soap, Aubrey Herbal Liquid Bath Soap is hands down the best shaving lubricant I have ever used!  I grew up using baby oil to shave my legs and while it does give you an ultra smooth shave every time, it’s also extremely oily and leaves the shower floor super slick.   Aubrey Herbal Liquid Bath Soap gives baby oil (and every other shaving gel and cream on the market) a definite run for its money, not only does it give an amazingly smooth shave every single time you use it, it rinses clean which means no more falling in the bathtub after shaving!  I love how great my legs feel after I’ve used Aubrey Herbal Liquid soap and the best part is that it moisturizes as you shave and leaves your legs super soft and ultra smooth for as long, if not longer, than the leading shave gels and creams!  This is a product that I plan to a;ways have on hand…it’s that amazing!

BUY IT!  You can pick up Aubrey Herbal Liquid Bath Soap online at the Aubrey website for $15 or check out  the full line of Aubrey products at Whole Foods—and it’s worth every penny!

There you have it, 3 great products that utilize fruit to the fullest…make sure you check them out to help keep you looking great this summer!

Disclosure:  I received the products mentioned above in order to facilitate my review…all opinions are 100% my own!


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