Thursday, May 10, 2012

I’ll be honest, I very rarely watch commercials; to be honest I DVR everything and when I finally find twenty minutes to watch a show, the last thing I wanna do is waste that time watching commercials. 

However, there are those commercials that just catch your eye and inspire a trip down memory lane… like fireflies on hot summer night and popsicles running down our hands as we played outside all day without sunscreen, but  most of all those long summer nights spent riding bikes with the boy next door until our mom’s turned on the porch lights and called us in.  Man…who knew a bike commercial could turn me into such a sentimental mess?

Check it out for yourself…


I’ve always been a big fan Schwinn, but this commercial made me love them even more.  I love the idea of a bicycle playing such an integral part of a relationship, because when I was little, riding bikes with my friends was everything! 

I’m not gonna lie, this commercial not only brought a smile to my lips and inspired lots of little trips to down memory lane. 

So yea, maybe next time I’m fast-forwarding through all of the commercials while I’m watching television I might stop and take things a little slower and remember that even the tiniest, most seemingly insignificant detail can create a lifetime of memories..and I have to admit, I kinda like the thought of that!

Disclosure:  “This post is sponsored by Schwinn”

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