Monday, January 9, 2012

When you have little ones chasing each other through the house (with flyswatters), a pile of college textbooks in one hand and a laptop in the other; it’s not always easy to get a healthy lunch!  Heck, who am I kidding, sometimes we don’t get lunch at all!  So when I find products that make grabbing a quick lunch on the go possible—well, let’s just say I don’t mind spreading the word!




Starkist has long been my favorite brand of tuna, but with their protein packed, 100 calorie Flavor Fresh Pouch, StarKist is making believer’s out of everyone, including the pickiest eaters!  Don’t believe me?  Check out  the video below and see how Charlie the Tuna is finally getting the thanks he deserves from even the smallest eaters!


I love that StarKist offers 14 of its delicious varieties in the Flavor Fresh Pouch—it definitely helps to break up the routine.   Finding time to eat lunch, or any other meal for that matter, is not always easy at my house, but with StarKist Flavor Fresh Pouch I can grab a quick, protein packed, yummy snack that’s good and good for me!  And the fact that I can grab a pouch and eat it on the go even while chasing little ones, taking exams or writing blog posts—and that’s completely awesome!

If you find yourself skipping lunch because you’re just “too busy” then you should definitely check out StarKist Flavor Fresh Pouch tuna—you may just be surprised!

Brought to you by StarKist!


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