Thursday, January 19, 2012

“Carl Zeiss Vision is a global leader in precision optics. With a full line of advanced customized lenses, advanced performance coatings, i.Scription® by ZEISS diagnostic technology and a national laboratory network, Carl Zeiss Vision is dedicated to creating a better visual experience for patients and greater success for eye care practices. “

I’ve never been an expert on glasses, thankfully, good vision runs in my family, my oldest daughter Taylor, however, wasn’t so lucky!  Bad vision runs on Taylor’s father’s side of the family and that helped to contribute to Taylor’s need for glasses a few years ago.  Even with Taylor wearing glasses, I’m still not all that familiar with lenses and prescriptions and contacts, and as a result I get very frustrated when I take my daughter to the optometrist because I don’t feel as educated as I should be.  Thanks to MomSelect, I’ve gotten to know a whole lot more about eye care with the help of Zeiss educational tools!

If you’re unfamiliar with Zeiss, let me introduce you! 

I recently had the chance to check out some of the Zeiss Educational Tools ,available on the Zeiss website. and become a little more educated on eye care and vision correction.  After doing some reading, I learned that I really knew nothing about vision correction and with my daughter’s vision problems that just was not acceptable!  With the Zeiss Educational tools you can learn facts on vision and lenses, tips for selecting the right eye doctor, the right questions to ask you eye doctor and you can even find out how aging affects vision.  In addition to being completely awesome, Zeiss makes it easy for eyeglass wearers and non-wearers alike to better understand their vision needs—and that is a great resource for any parent to have!

I may not be an expert on eye care, but thanks to Zeiss and their helpful, easy to use educational tools, I am a little more educated about my daughter’s vision issues and I know better how to get her the right care for her eyes—that’s huge for me!  If you’re an eyeglass wearer, or know someone who is, you should definitely check out Zeiss!

Disclsoure:  I was provided with a Target gc and Zeiss Lens Cleaning Kit—thanks to MomSelect and Zeiss—for this post.  All opinions are 100% mine and were not influenced by MomSelect or Zeiss!


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