Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I realize that I’ve been very hit and miss with posts lately, but I promise you I have a good reason…more like 20!  In addition to dental surgeries, new cars and lots of sick kiddos, I’ve been started the process of moving my new blog to WordPress!  I’ve been a blogger for a little over three years now and I have stuck to Blogspot, like my son sticks to me when a pretty girl comes in his vicinity—I have been stubborn, insistent and resistant to change, but then my friend Shan and I began a Facebook conversation that ended with me giving her the go ahead to switch MM to Wordpress…did I seriously just do that?


Anyway, I promise to share all of those stories with you later on Misadventurous Mommy, but for now how’s a nice giveaway to apologize for my absence!

I’ve mentioned in other posts that when it comes to cold and flu season, my house is always hit and hit hard!   With four kiddos in the house constantly, colds seem to leap frog from one child to the next before ending up right back where it started…and so a vicious cycle begins!  One of my must-have products for cleaning, all year round, but specifically during cold and flu season is Clorox Wipes!

I’ve been a fan of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes for the longest time and a fan of the Clorox brand for even longer, in my mind Clorox means clean…period!  I could spend hours cleaning my bathroom and kitchen (the two most used rooms in my house) but if I don’t walk out of them smelling the lemony fresh scent of Clorox Lemon Fresh Scent then I don’t feel like those rooms are clean!  That’s why I was super excited when one of my very favorite brands ever sent over a few Clorox products for me to try recently—it was definitely a neat freak’s dream come true!  I have to admit, I was very happy to see one of my favorite Clorox products ever—Clorox Lemon Fresh Wipes!


I’m not sure if people without children realize how insanely messy children can be; within the first few hours I was awake I cleaned up yogurt, chapstick, lip stick, lotion, vomit and ravioli all in the span of 2 hours.  So when I say that I appreciate a case of Lemon Fresch Clorox wipes I truly am not exaggerating!

I’m happy to report that my Clorox Disinfecting Wipes have definitely been put to the timageest around here cleaning up messes left and right and putting the other household cleaning products to shame!

If you’re in the market for household cleaning products, is definitely worth checking out—you can snag a case ((that’s 6-75 count canisters) of Clorox Lemon Fresh Wipes at for less than $30! 
I have even better news for two (2) Misadventures in Baby Raising readers—two (2) of you are going to win a case (that’s 6-75 count canisters)of Clorox Lemon Fresh Wipes!  Can you say awesome!

Two (2) Misadventures in Baby Raising readers are going to win a case (6-75 count canisters) of Clorox Lemon Fresh wipes!  Check out the official rules and enter below using the Rafflecopter entry form!

a Rafflecopter giveaway  Disclosure:  I received the products mentioned above from the company or PR in order to facilitate my review—all opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor!


  1. I love these wipes for everything, especially for my husbands CPAP machine that has to be disinfected everyday.

  2. I love Clorox wipes because they work great on a variety of surfaces. With 4 kids I insist on a clean sanitary environment!

  3. Mu husband is a slob and I'm always cleaning up after him. These would come in handy.

  4. I'd love to win because we are working on getting a house and this would be a great thing to have to help clean it. :) Thanks for the contest!

  5. My little grandson has severe asthma and the doctor tells us to clean the house with Clorox wipes. So we go through a lot of them.
    Thanks for the giveaway!


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