Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I just wanted to let y’all know that I might not be around much the rest of the week!  I will get giveaway winners drawn and emailed (though winner’s posts may or may not happen) so make sure to check your email!!!!


In addition to this being my last week of school for the semester (thank goodness for Christmas break—I’m in major need of some time off from school) it’s finals week and that means exams, papers and more papers!  So I am going to be busy—please believe me when I say that I would much rather be writing for y’all as opposed to writing about sexism and racism in education institutions (the topic of one of my papers). 




On top of finals Lil’ Diva will be having oral surgery this Thursday (please keep her in your thoughts…she’s been miserable with a bad toothache for the past several days) to repair a broken tooth and fill some cavities.  FYI the whole “giving your child a cup (of anything) at night is just as bad as giving them a bottle at night” is TRUE and the cavities that Lil Diva has to have filled are proof of that!  We spent all day today at Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati and were extremely lucky to get a surgery date so soon!  While I  HATE the idea of any of my children having surgery, I am thankful that  the dentist can go in and fix all of the teeth at once without traumatizing Lil’ Diva with multiple visits!  So please keep her in your thoughts and pray that she’s back up and running around being her normal silly self very soon!


So, that’s how I’ll be spending the rest of my week!  I hope your week is shaping up to be a less eventful one than mine!


See y’all soon!


  1. Hello Allison! I know tooth pain is really unbearable sometimes. Don't worry, she will get well soon. I will surely pray for Lil’ Diva. God bless...

  2. Well Alison, you seem so worried. Don't worry and be brave. She will be fine soon. Lil’ Diva looks pretty brave and innocent.
    Please keep sharing...

  3. I've never know about this topic. It’s really interesting to read.. I like this blog to know about new things. Thanks for this.

  4. I'm glad she got a surgery date so soon - I hope she recovers quickly!!


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