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With one teenager to buy for this Christmas and three tweens you can bet that their holiday wish lists are full of the latest tech gadgets! 


Unfortunately for the four of them, mommy and daddy are not made of money and their dreams of tablets and smartphones are about as close to coming true as my dream of Edward Cullen showing up at my house to watch me sleep (oh come on, you know you so dream about that too). 


Given my children’s expensive tastes and deep need for every electronic gadget known to man (at least according to them) I am always super stocked when I find something on their list for less!  If you have a kiddo on your list that’s dreaming of an awesome MP3 player this Christmas then you have to check out Plugggg!


What is Plugggg?


Plugggg is a credit card size MP3 player that is lightweight, powerful, and at $29.99 for 8GB they are affordable enough for every teen and tween on your list!





Plugggg Features:


8 gig capacity
(about 2000 songs).

Plugggg goes virtually unknown in your pocket or
on your arm during workouts.

10 – 12 hour play time

3.7V lithium battery - 5 year battery life.

As easy as click and drag from your computer to device.

Watch movies, videos, or read your books or listen to your favorite songs.

From your tablet, laptop, desktop or vehicle navigation system.

Included with Plugggg : Earplugs, 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter, and USB adapter.

Plugggg also works with all mp3 FM transmitters and cassette adapters.

Plugggg supports multiple audio formats such as:
MP3, WMA, WAV, ASF, OGG & other music formats.


And if all of that isn’t enough to get you excited about this hot little tech gadget then the 3 year limited warranty might be—that beats the heck out of the 1 year limited warranty and $229 price tag of the iPad Touch!


If you’re in the market for an awesome, lightweight, powerful MP3 player you should definitely check out Plugggg! 




You can purchase Plugggg MP3 player online for $29.99 for an 8GB unit!


Disclosure:  I received the products mentioned above from the company or PR to facilitate my review.  All opinions are my own and were not influenced by the monetary gain.


  1. Lots of cute colors, good alternative to the more expensive gadgets on the kids wishlist.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have enjoyed reading your articles. It is well written. It looks like you spend a large amount of time and effort in writing the blog. I am appreciating your effort.


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