Thursday, December 29, 2011

Winter’s in Ohio are extremely unpredictable; last year we had a rather mild winter followed by a tremendous amount of flooding in the spring (that tends to happen when you live on the banks of the Ohio River) and a couple of years before that we had a particularly harsh winter with ice storms that left us without power for the better part of a week.  With snow, ice and freezing temperatures in the winter and flooding and the threat of tornado’s in the spring, it’s a good idea to be prepared for nature’s wrath so I know that my family won’t have to go without in an emergency!


Since becoming a mom I’ve learned that there are certain situations that you just have to be prepared for, even if they never happen.  One of those situations is unexpected power outages due to snow and ice and in my neck of the woods both of those are very real possibilities!  I remember discussing emergency preparedness kits with my mom a few years back and her telling me about freeze dried meals and how easy they were to store, and with some having an average shelf life of 25 years, it just makes sense to at least become familiar with companies that sell freeze dried foods. 

Taking my mom’s advice, I decided to do some research into freeze dried food and long term food storage and I found Prepare Wise!  Not only do they make long term food storage easy to understand, they also have a fabulous selection of top of the line freeze dried foods that are shelf stable for up to 25 years—in my book that’s definitely a huge plus!

Winter is upon us in Southern Ohio and while we haven’t had snow (yet) I know it’s on the way!  I can definitely sleep a little easier knowing that I’ve done my homework and am fully prepared for whatever disaster Mother Nature brings our way and that makes this mommy feel a whole lot better!


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