Sunday, October 9, 2011

Calling all fans of The Big Bang Theory—did you know that TBBT is now on 5 nights a week—can you say awesomeness?!?


If you’ve been checking out my The Big Bang Theory posts lately, then you know that I am working on another great campaign with WB Word for The Big Bang Theory in syndication!  Since TBBT is all about friendships this week we’re talking  competing against friends and the rough patches that can sometimes happen as a result!




In episode 13 from season one of The Big Bang Theory, “The Bat Jar Conjecture,” which airs Wednesday October 10th, Sheldon’s arrogance ostracizes him from the group which leads to him competing directly against his friends with Sheldon's Group.  Have you ever competed against a good friend? If your best friend knew that one item that would make a mends, what would it be? Is it as funny as a batman cookie jar?

I love my friends, and the last thing that I would ever want to do is compete against them for something, but there have definitely been times that I’ve had to and the results got a little messy.


One time that comes to mind was a competition between me and a great friend of mine and our rival cheerleading squads at a competition.  My friend and I made a pact if you will from the beginning promising the other that we wouldn’t get super competitive against each other, but when it came down to my team and her team in the finals it was hard not to let that happen.  Naturally we both wanted our friendship to endure competing against each other, but we also very much wanted to see our own team ultimately win.  During the week that led up to the competition we barely spoke and when we did the conversation was strained and tense—it was awful. When the time came for our teams to compete we both wished each other good luck and then watched and coached as our girls took to the mat and gave it their all, but ultimately I had to watch as her team took 1st place.  It was tough to see her beat me, but it was ever tougher to see the disappointment on the faces of my cheerleaders.   After all was said and done my friend walked up to me with her coaches trophy in her hand and said, “In my mind you were the definite winner!” and handed the trophy to me.  No more words were exchanged, we just hugged and instantly all bad feelings, disappointment, and any resentment that may have been there before was gone.  Definitely not as funny as a Batman cookie jar, but so special to both of us! 


Can’t get enough of The Big Bang Theory?  Well, The Big Bang Theory is now on 5 Night a Week and direct all readers to to check their local listings.


“I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote The Big Bang Theory in Syndication."


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