Monday, September 19, 2011

As I mentioned earlier, my husband and I are going away this coming weekend to Gatlinburg, it’s a long overdue weekend away that we both desperately need!  The last time my husband and I were in Gatlinburg we were married and while  I shared all of the details of our trip and wedding with all of you I forgot to mention the wedding rings that almost didn’t make it there!


My husband bought my original engagement ring several years ago when I was pregnant with our son, and I love that ring, but we searched high and low for a wedding band to match it and we couldn’t find one anywhere.  The only logical thing to do, at least in our minds, was to purchase a wedding set so that the band matched the engagement ring. 


My husband Jamie and I had very different ideas from the beginning of what our wedding rings should be.  I wanted to look for designer engagement rings (of course I did…I am a woman) and he wanted something simple and because we couldn’t make up our minds we ended up waiting until two weeks before we were due to leave for Tennessee to even begin looking—not the smartest idea!  image


I remember going from jewelry store to jewelry store for two solid days looking at diamond engagement rings and just when it seemed beyond hopeless we found a set  that we both loved!  The only problem was that the engagement ring, because of the design of the diamonds, could not be cut down to my size (I have incredibly small fingers and require a size 4 and 3/4).  I was devastated!  The jeweler suggested about a half dozen other rings that day, but I had my heart set on that set.  Still bummed I decided to look online for rings and found several at that I adored!  Finally I found a set that was similar, but that was able to be sized to fit me so we bought the set and then we received the news that the rings would take at least 10 days to size, we were leaving in 10 days—this could seriously NOT be happening!  I called every day, prayed every day, and freaked out about a million times a day until the morning of our trip when the jewelry store called me and informed me that the rings had come in—thank goodness! 


Thankfully our rings did arrive, in the nick of time no less, and our wedding was incredible in a beautiful cabin,on a mountainside in Gatlinburg,surrounded by family…I couldn’t have asked for a better day!  And even though our ring mess was stressful at the time, we always have a great story to help us remember the day!


Can you relate? Well let me know about it!