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Chloraseptic logoSadly I’m one of the millions of allergy sufferers out there, even worse so are all of my kiddos and though summer usually signals the end of the suffering for some allergy sufferers it’s sadly not the case for all of us.


Most of the people in my family suffer from some form of allergies and while I hate that my children suffer from allergies in the spring and summer I also know that there are a few tricks to help ease their symptoms and let them enjoy playing outside and one of my favorite fixes is Chloraseptic for sore throats brought on my allergies!product-lozenge-max-wild-berry.ashx

Save your throat this summer!!

Summer is the time for sunshine, green grass, sports, swimming, camp and vacation travel in the glory of warm weather. However for millions, summer sore throat can ruin even the sunniest of days.


The makers of Chloraseptic® sore throat relief products, in conjunction with TABS Group, an independent consumer analytics company, recently announced the findings of the 2011 Survey on Sore Throats. The study of nearly 1,000 people was commissioned to explore today’s wide-ranging causes of sore throat pain and the remedies people use to treat them. the survey revealed information their causes— which was largely non-medical and activity-based.


Despite the seasonal summer effects that cause sore throat pain, the survey revealed information about other causes—non-medical and activity-based causes of sore throat pain.  Whereas 72% of respondents listed allergies, cold and the flu as having caused sore throats, the prevalence of other summer activity-based sore throats was not far behind.


The survey suggests that sports fans, and screaming parents and camp counselors should be armed with sore throat remedies.  Twenty-eight percent of respondents suffered from sore throat pain due to cheering and screaming .


The survey also found that 54% percent of respondents have sore throat pain caused by dry air. The summer season is a busy time for flights, sports trips and other outdoor and high-altitude activities.  Those activities, combined with air conditioning, heighten people’s exposure to dryness resulting in sore throats. 


“The findings are a testament to the fact that during the warm months allergies, colds and the flu are not the only causes for sore throat pain; rather there are many other causes as well,” said Jean Boyko, PhD., Vice President Science & Technology for Prestige Brands, maker of Chloraseptic® products. “That is why it is important to always have OTC products like sore throat lozenges and sprays on hand.”


The 2011Chloraseptic® Survey on Sore Throats polled a representative sample of 903 respondents, 444 of whom were male, 459 of whom were female. Here are other key findings:


  • *People under 30 are over 80% more likely to have sore throat pain caused by too much partying
  • *Dry air was the most commonly-cited cause for sore throats outside of any cold or the flu, as listed by 65% of respondents
  • *Dehydration was cited by 18% of respondents
  • *55% of respondents listed throat pain relief as the top reason for buying a particular sore throat remedy brand, followed by 38% saying they buy a particular brand because it works instantly

Perfect for easing the irritating sore throat symptoms are the Chloraseptic liquid-center lozenges and spray bottles. Chloraseptic® Sore Throat Lozenges are the only medicated sore throat remedy that have a soothing dual-sensory solid shell with liquid medicine in the center. Because the menthol acts as a soothing agent, the lozenges also help ease nasal passages and fight coughs. The Lozenges come in flavors like Cherry, Citrus, Honey Lemon and Green Tea (made with real honey), so every member your family can enjoy their favorite flavor. The Chloraseptic Lozengeproduct-spray-kids.ashx Line is available in 15 and 18 count packs with a suggested retail price of $3.99.

The Chloraseptic® Spray come in great flavors such as Cherry, Menthol and Soothing Citrus in 6.0 oz bottle.  The line also includes a grape-flavored Kids strength as well as a smaller Maximum Strength spray that comes in a 1.0 oz portable bottle all at a suggested retail price of $6.25. A pocket pump version of the #1 Chloraseptic® Cherry Spray is also available in a 0.67 oz package that is easy to carry anywhere for sore throat relief at a suggested retail price of $2.75.


Since all of my children suffer from allergies in the summer and often have sore, itchy throats as a result I was more than happy to review a couple of the products from Chloraseptic!  We received both the Chloraseptic Max sore throat lozenges, perfect for my older girls when they need some relief from sore throat pain, and Kids Chloraseptic Sore Throat Spray which is perfect for both of my youngest kiddos.  While none of my children enjoy taking medicine and usually give me a fight no matter what the flavor or how bad the pain, they don’t usually put up much of a fight when it comes to having a sore throat…no wonder sore throats are a major pain!  I love that I can give my older girls a lozenge and their pain is reduced in almost no time and it’s nice to know that with a couple sprays of Kids Chloraseptic my babies are back to running around and screaming in no time!


It’s very comforting knowing that there are products out there like Kids Chloraseptic that can take care of my children’s allergy symptoms without putting them into a major fog!  If your little ones suffer from seasonal allergies and experience sore throat as a result definitely try Chloraseptic Max and Kids Chloraseptic!


*I received the product above for review purposes…all opinions expressed are 100% my own!!!**


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