Monday, August 15, 2011

This summer it seems that there has been one mishap after another, with 6 kids running around wreaking havoc that’s kind of to be expected, but man I never would have guessed it would mean major bucks being spent on a new storm door!


Last month I was at the grocery store with my BIL when I received a text from my 13 year old step-son, he had spent the night with a friend of his and was on his way back home and I was still at the store…time to panic.  I told him that I was going to grab a few more things at the grocery store and then I would be home and that in the meantime he needed to sit on the back deck and wait for me.  A few minutes later I get a text from him asking if he can go swimming at one of our neighbors houses, fine I say, but stay there until I get home!  Ten minutes later I’m standing at the cash register waiting to pay for my groceries when I get another text from my step-son, the following is what happened (via text message)


Step-Son:  I'm real sorry but I broke the window!

Me:  Um WHAT??????

ME:  What window?

Step-Son:  The front window, I’m real real sorry! 

Me:  What window, like the front window of the house, or the door, what the hell?

Step-Son:  The front door did I say I was really sorry, cause I am

Me:  OMG the glass on the front door?

Step-son:  Yea it was an accident!

Me:  How in the world did that happen?

Step-son:  I hit it with a golf ball and it shattered




If you look closely you can see glass all over the ground, my step-son holding a push broom (on the left) and my BIL yelling at him on the right.  This isn’t even half as bad as it really was because shortly after this was taken all of the glass came crashing out of the door frame all over the ground—not such a good time!


He has no idea how lucky he was that a.) I wasn’t there when it happened and b.) that he couldn’t accept phone calls on his phone.  When I got home I nearly lost it, the glass in the front storm door was shattered—gone!  After the initial shock wore off I called my husband who informed my step-son (after yelling at him for nearly 10 minutes) that he would be spending his summer working off the cost of the door.  That same night when my husband came home from work he took my step son to the store to price storm doors, my step-son wasn’t thrilled at the thought of spending his summer paying off a new storm door, but he did learn a valuable lesson—don’t hit golf balls at houses—it costs an arm and a leg if something gets broken!


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