Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My oldest daughter Taylor started her first day of 7th grade today, man that makes me feel old, and I have to admit I wasn’t too happy about it.  I mean, on one hand of course I want my girlies to grow up, but on the other I know all about growing up and I’d like to delay that for as long as possible!  Part of growing up seems to include a new interest in all things girly for Taylor, I like girly, I can do girly!  And since it is back-to-school time I thought I’d share a few fabulous products with you to help your tween or teen go back-to-school in style!




-Spreading love and not germs has never been easier or more fun with Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial PocketBac® Sanitizing H and Gel 5-Pack Lunch Box Bundle ($7.50; Bath & Body Works and Natural ingredients and powerful germ killers that get h and s clean and lightly scented, wherever you go. Includes 5 PocketBacs, one in each of our new lunch box fragrances: Marshmallow Treat, PB&J, Honey Pretzel, Juice Box and Bag of Grapes. Formulated to kill germs without water and Tahitian Palm Milk leaves h and s feeling conditioned.



We actually had the chance to try out the new Anti-Bacterial PocketBac® Sanitizing H and Gel 5-Pack Lunch Box Bundle from Bath & Body Works—and it was a major hit at our house!  My girls have been huge fans of Bath & Body Works PocketBac Sanitizing Gel for a while now, but they absolutely love the smells created for a younger audience.  Among Taylor and Savanna’s favorites where Marshmallow Treat (my favorite of the set) and Honey Pretzel! These are a must-have for every school aged child!

Price:  $7.50 for the 5-pack Lunch Box Bundle

Next up we have the wickedly awesome tända ZAP™.  If you have a daughter or son who has started fighting the blemish battle you will definitely want to know all about this little gem!




-For those acne emergencies, stash the coolest zit zapping device tända ZAP™, is scientifically proven to naturally, gently and safely kill the bacteria that causes mild to moderate acne.

-Clinically proven to get rid of a pimple in just 24 hours!

-This blue light, heat, and sonic vibrations treats unexpected breakouts right before the first day of school.


Price:  $49.00


-Lip Gloss is must have for teens and mom’s alike. ybf’s Liplights Lip Glosses ($19.80; come in a set of 3 perfect pink shades. They are universal enough for yourself or your teen.

My girls are all about lip gloss and the ybf’s Liplights Lip Glosses were a definite hit with both of them!  We received all 3 shades of ybf’s Liplights to try out and that worked out perfect as both of the girls had a favorite and I did as well.  Normally I don’t wear lip gloss because it feels too heavy and cakey on, but this gloss goes on smooth, looks fabulous and feels great!  I noticed that both girls had their perfect pink shade in their backpacks today—they love this!  And Mom’s so will you!image


Price:  $19.80 for the set of 3

Last but not least your girly girl can go back to school with hair inspired by her favorite GLEEK!



Celebrity hair stylists and founder of David Lopez Hair, David Lopez’s celebrity clients include Heather Morris, Lea Michelle, Diana Agron and the rest of the Glee Cast. Learn how to recreate your favorite Glee looks with a few simple tips.


Diana Agron’s slicked-back pony tail



*The pony tail is often misrepresented as an "easier" style to replicate- however time and time again my clients ask how to make a simple style look modern and fun.  Working the GLEE Cast on their first national tour I learned a couple things on recreating the classic pony.


* Diana's pony tail is always super clean.  I first prep damp hair with a light hold mousse or styling spray, try Amika's 2 in 1 Rice Spray ($24.95; to give the hair some grip.  Using a Mason Pearson style brush and blow dryer gently smooth your hair back  directing the hair into the shape of a pony tail. 

Tip: Hair around the nape always seems to fall and can make a clean pony look messy.  To get the most out of the style blow dry your hair upside down smooth the hair of the nape upwards with your brush.  This will secure a smooth and slick finish in the back.


*After getting your hairline nice and sleek gently start smoothing the rest of your hair upwards with your brush and blow dryer, directing all the hair towards the crown.  Once dry, spray your brush with a brushable hold hairspray and start smoothing your hair into a pony tail securing with a small snagless ponytail holder. 

*Once your pony tail is secure start wrapping one inch sections of your pony around a curling rod or use your flat iron to give the pony tail some bounce.  Give the style an all over spray of Amika Obliphica Finishing Shine Spray ($24; to keep the look shiny and sleek all day and night.


Heather Morris’s High Curly Pony



*Heather's pony tail is always fun and playful and the side bangs add a youthful and flattering effect to this style.  Follow the same preparation steps as for Diana's pony tail leaving your bangs out.  After securing the pony tail, help give the bangs some body by wrapping around a large barrel curling iron or curling rod.  Always remember to protect the fragile hair around the hairline, so I always recommend a heat defense like the Amika Obliphica Heat Defense Serum ($30; before heat styling bangs. Gently smooth with your brush, I love the Mason Pearson Mixture Brush ($151; C.O. Bigelow & and tuck behind the ear securing with a bobby pin if necessary.

*After curling your pony instead of brushing out gently rake through with your fingers to keep the texture and volume.  You can add a fun twist by adding a stretchy colorful pony tail holder on top of your snagless for a "retro" or extra playful look.  Always remember to place these pony tails on the crown, this follows the line of your cheek bone and is flattering on everyone!


Lea Michelle’s Soft Waves



*Lea Michelle's soft waves are super easy to recreate.  The main key with this look is making it look "effortless" yet polished.  This style is most easily achieved on all density hair types (fine, medium, thick) and best with naturally straight to wavy hair.

*First prep damp hair with a light styling mouse or blow dry spray.  I like Amika's 2 in 1 Rice Spray ($24.95;, it creates volume and texture and also helps protect the hair from heat styling.   Make sure to distribute the product evenly applying mid-length to ends first working your way up to the roots.  With your paddle brush or wide tooth comb help distribute the product. 
*Gently start rough drying your hair directing the roots upwards and the opposite way of the natural growth pattern.  This gives natural looking height and body. Once hair is 80-90% dry use a large round brush to smooth the ends of your hair.  Don't forget to give your hair a cold shot of air from your blow dryer to help keep preserve the smoothness!

*Your final step is to create the bounce and polish.  Using a 1 and a quarter inch barrel size curing iron take two inch sections of hair and roll from the ends of the hair up.  You don't have to worry about creating curl, this is more about creating wave and giving the ends shape and bounce.  Once you've completed your entire head, rake your fingers through the completed style with a small amount of styling serum to amp up the shine!


I think all of the products listed above are a great step in the right direction toward having a super fabulous school year and I know your tween/teen would agree!


*I received the products listed above to facilitate my review…all opinions are 100% mine.*


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