Monday, July 25, 2011

top_gerber_logoMy children for the most part are not picky eaters, maybe because I refuse to play short-order cook or perhaps because my rule is “finish your plate or stay at the table until you do”, whatever the reason I am thankful that most of them will eat whatever is on their plate.  And while all three of the girls are huge fruit and veggie eaters my son is not, though he does love almost every fruit known to man he isn’t big into eating his veggies.  When trying to get Lil Man to eat his veggies I have to employ all kinds of sneaky tricks and sadly most of the time my tricks do not work and Lil Man refuses to eat whatever veggie bring foods that I put on his plate. 


I’d only recently heard about Gerber Graduates Fruit & Veggie Melts and since both of my youngest children have both been big fans of Gerber Graduates Yogurt Melts for the longest time it was a no brainer that I would say yes to a request to review them. 


“GERBER® GRADUATES® Fruit & Veggie Melts™ Snacks are made with a NutriProtect™ blend of vitamins A, C and E for healthy growth and natural immune support and each package delivers 3 fruit/vegetable servings[1] with a taste toddler’s love.”

Research shows that many toddlers are not eating a single serving of fruit or vegetables on a given day[1].   For moms looking for products to fill nutritional gaps in their toddler’s diets in a new, fun and convenient form, GERBER® GRADUATES® Fruit & Veggie Melts™ Snacks are a great option!image


Good for Toddlers:

· With a NutriProtect™ blend of vitamins A, C and E – nutrition for a healthy growth and natural immune support

· Each package delivers 3 fruit/vegetable servings[2]

· Made with real fruit and vegetable purees and juices

· No preservatives, artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners


Made for Toddlers:

· Easy to chew and swallow

· No mess

· Just right for self-feeding


2 flavor[3] combinations:

o Truly Tropical Blend

o Very Berry Blend


We received both the Truly Tropical Blend and the Very Berry Blend to review.  I didn’t think I would have a hard time getting Lil Man and Lil Diva to eat the Fruit & Veggie Melts since they have a great taste so I replaced their usual afternoon snack with a serving of each of the flavors of Gerber Graduates Fruit & Veggie Melts.  Both Lil Man and Lil Diva ate the Melts and asked for more and I was ecstatic that Lil Man had eaten some veggies and didn’t even know it…that’s a total win-win in my book!


Gerber Graduates Fruit & Veggie Melts are available in stores nationwide as well as online at, Amazon, Target and others.


* I received the product mentioned above from the company or PR firm to facilitate to my review, all opinions are 100% mine!*


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