Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Over the years I’ve learned that marriage is a balancing act and in order to keep yourself from falling on your face you have to make a few sacrifices, even if those sacrifices mean that your husband is going to be right…I know I don’t like the sound of that either.

One of the things that my husband and I seem to disagree about most is his need for the latest, biggest, and most expensive electronics.  If he’s not arguing his case for why he has to have the latest game system then he’s arguing about why he should get the newest, biggest, best flat screen.  For you to understand my frustration you have to understand that we already have more than enough electronics in our house, we already have the Grandfather of all flat screens, and we have enough game systems and accessories to keep all 6 of our children busy 24/7.  To my complete surprise one of our biggest disagreements happened over not the flat screen televisions, but what the place the television on.

Last spring my husband decided that he wanted to get rid of the entertainment center, i.e. the one I love and picked out, for something that took up a little less room.  At the time we lived in a much smaller house and our family room was much too small to accommodate the massive television in the first place.  Even though I adored the entertainment center I agreed to consider other options in order to create more space in the family room.  My husband first brought up the idea of a wall mount for our television, but given the trouble that we had had with our old plasma TV mount and the size of our current TV, we both agreed that a wall mount was not the best choice…little did I know that would be the last thing we agreed on.  After deciding against a wall mount we began looking for TV stands for flat screens, and the choices seemed endless.  Of course my husband wanted something “manly” looking and I wanted something “pretty” and needless to say finding something that offered both was not an easy feat.  Every stand that I suggested was either too big or had too many shelves or was just not right and every stand that he suggested was, well, they were all just hideous, to say we were at an impasse is a huge understatement.  After weeks (and yes it did literally take us weeks to find the perfect stand) we were no where near agreeing on a TV stand.  image

A few days after our last frustrating trip to what seemed like 50 furniture stores I was working online when I decided to look around and see if I could find something that fit both of our criteria and that’s when it happened, I found the perfect TV stand.  It was a Bello TV stand that fit all of our wants and needs; it was manly while still being gorgeous, it was big enough to accommodate our TV without being too big for the space, and it had the perfect amount of shelves and drawers…it was just perfect.  To my complete surprise my husband seemed to agree completely when he saw the stand…who knew getting my husband to agree about anything could be that easy?

A little over a year later we still have that TV stand in our family room…and we both still agree that it’s perfect.  

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