Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This past weekend my husband and I decided to start getting our backyard in order.  When we moved into our new house in February we were over the moon excited about finally having a backyard that we were able to entertain in; BBQ’s and cornhole are BIG parts of our summer plans so we took advantage of the long holiday weekend to get the process started.


Our backyard has a multi-level deck and patio off the back of the house so thankfully we had something to work with and a place to start.  First thing on the to-do list was getting new patio furniture, luckily I came across some discount patio furniture not long ago so it was just a matter of getting everything out of the box and into place.  Once the patio furniture was taken care of we went in search of a porch swing.  Since my first house I’ve wanted a porch swing, unfortunately I’ve yet to live in a house whose porch would accommodate a swing…until now.  We looked at what seemed like fifty porch swings; small ones, big ones, traditional swings, and modern porch swings and the only conclusion that I came to is that I am completely unsure of exactly which style of porch swing I actually want.  Given my indecisiveness when it came to choosing a swing we left without one, which did not make me happy.  In addition to the new patio furniture we did manage to get our new pool installed and up and running, which scored us huge points with the kiddos…even though we didn’t actually get it figured out and ready to swim in until 10:00 PM Monday night.


All in all it was a very productive weekend spent prepping the backyard for all of the summer fun that is bound to take place in it!  Though I do have one addition that I hope to be adding soon, a gazebo in the backyard…with a hot tub!  What?  It’s not that much to ask…right?


  1. Gazebo and hot tub sounds awesome..crossing my fingers you get it someway soon!! Lots of good wishes on your new home.

  2. Thank you SO really are one of the sweetest people that I've had the pleasure of "meeting" through Misadventures! And I am TOTALLY crossing my fingers on the hot tub gazebo combo as well.


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