Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How many times have you had a medical question and wanted the opinion of an expert without the hassle of making a doctor’s appointment?  Or maybe you’ve been up for nearly 24 hours straight with a crying baby and you need parenting advice desperately but don’t know where to turn?  If you’ve ever found yourself in one of those situations I’ve got great news for you—Dr. Tanya, a leading medical authority for the popular press and entertainment industry and author of 3 parenting books, just launched  “Ask Dr. Tanya” where you can go and ask her questions relating to medical issues, parenting, and much more!image


Having two preschoolers at home means that I have my hands full 24/7, and the one area that I simply cannot seem to get a handle on is discipline.  It seems that no matter what I say or what punishment I give, my youngest kiddos just never listen or take me seriously.  So, I went to Dr. Tanya’s website and found a section on preschoolers and even a post about disciplining preschoolers, her tips were awesome and her PLAN of action really made me rethink all of the things that I was doing wrong when it comes to discipline!   Aside from parenting articles on everything from safety and first aid to naptime and getting your little one to sleep in his own bed (I really need help in this area as well) you can also Ask Dr. Tanya whatever parenting and or medical questions that you may have.  Dr. Tanya will respond to all questions on her blog and even link back to the person asking the question!  I don’t know about you, but knowing that there is a trusted resource to help me get through the preschool years is very reassuring!


In addition to Dr. Tanya’s website and blog you can also check out her Facebook and Twitter pages for updates, lots of information, and the latest from Dr. Tanya! 


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